The Differences In His Lies

Michelle was a...unique person. She and I met at a party and instantly clicked. She loved this band (new one direction if you may) called five seconds of summer? Have you heard of them? Anyway we did our usual routine when i stay over at her loft, wake up early and go to starbucks when no one is there...turns out there apparently was. Four boys, under the name of Calum, Luke, Ashton and Michael. While i was too busy staring at the hot waiter (gorgeous tall boy) she hit me and told me it was..them 5sos. I walked in (knowing who favorite was) and walked up to Luke-the blonde and set them up. After a while things took a turn for the worst...and her story.


3. Not Exactly What I Expected

"Great, I'll drive?" he smiles reaching a handout for the keys. I smirk as toss him the keys, "Sure, it's just down this street-we can walk there if you want."

"I think a nice drive will do us some good."

Weird. Why waste gas on a mile away? Or am I just being weird right now and normal people drive everywhere these days? I smile nodding as I get in the passengers seat. We start to drive in silence as I turn on the radio. "Um, turn around I think you passed it." I say looking out the window. No answer. "Hey Luke, you passed it." I say nervously and violently trying to open the door.

"Luke, you're scaring me."

"Don't worry I know of a better place to hangout." He smiled at me. Somehow, that smiled seem to calm me down as I stop shaking the door and lay against my seat.

"Sorry for freaking out." I say a bit flustered

"It's okay! It was...kind of cute actually." he chuckles.

A somewhat huge smile started to appear on my face as we drive farther and farther out of town and out to the country side.  We entered the farm house to enter a weird pass code-not sure why...I mean it's a farm house for Christ's sake. We're not the FBI-anyway off topic. We entered the farmhouse as it automatically locks the door he looks back at me smiling reassuringly, "Don't mind the lock-it's for security reasons." he says as we walk pass the basement I hear some mumbling.

"I'll be right back to use the restroom." he said walking down the hallway. I look at him then at the basement and go down, suddenly the noise got louder and louder and seemed like a cry of joy now. I look around and see Sammie tied up with Ducktape on her mouth and being tied up by a tan guy with curly hair. "Stop squirming" him mumbles as he finishes tieing her up he turns around and see me.

"Shit." I gasped

"Shit." he mumbled.

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