Our daughter

My parents are the Niall and camron Horan!! What an expactaculare thing I'm the pruduction of a famouse couple so that makes me popular and I don't have real friends just fakes


2. skate park

I went home to get ready for my meeting up with Finn and jack umm MOM IM GOING TO THE SKATE PARK!!! I put on my skinny jeans my purple crop top and my white jumper with my grey convers I went to the skate park and saw them fighting over somthing I CALLED DIBS yelled Finn WELL NOW IM CALLING DIBS yelled jack umm hey guys I said oh hey Nia said jack umm are u guys ok MABYE I can help with this dibs thing? Umm no just stay out of it Finn thinks he has to get every one we meet and I don't said jack no u get every girl we meet and this once u can't let me win? U can't let me get one thing cuz ur just the better twin huh?. Umm guys what are u talking about I asked it's nothing said jack I'm leaving he started running and Finn kept saying I'm sorry JACK IM SORRY!! He just kept screaming that and yet again I still had no clue what they were talking about

Finns pov

I liked her first I'm always the one who is single and the one time I like someone he always has to take them from me so this time I called dibs so that no matter what I was garented to get her but no he is always stealing em from me ok me and Nia are more alike then we no cuz I'm never noticed for being my self I'm notecard cuz of jack I have no real friends and I never have a gf I'm a dumb fuck a mess up no one wants me ever that's why jack just left me to my own twin brother hates me and I did it all to be with Nia I just can't stop thinking of her my crush on her is better than words and I could love her more than jack cuz jack is a player I'm not I only want to love one girl for ever and that girl is Nia I no it !!!

Niall's pov

Hey Hun what u up too I asked her we'll I'm waiting for Nia to get home said cam oh wear did she go? I added oh just to the skate park with 2 boys umm Finn and jack Harris she said WHAT THOSE BOYS ARE NOT GETTING MY DAUGHTER COUGHT UP IN THERE MESS I yelled we'll Hun what kind of mess? She asked we'll first off they steal girls hearts then break em and I don't my baby to get hurt do u I asked we'll no I don't she told me THEN IM GOING TO GET HER!!!! I no what those boys do they did it to Liam's baby girl and my baby girl is not like that she'd never have sex with some dumb fuck's who use girls to get sex I'm about done I'm calling Harry to arrest them both THOSE FUCKING AMERICAN BOYS WHY CANT SHE LIKE AN IRISH BOY OR A BRITISH BOY!!!!. We'll Hun she is in America barley any British or Irish people live hear so she can't date one.

Nia's pov

I followed Finn home and we went in side then jack grabbed me he tied me to a bed then he took off my shirt and all of a suden my dad busted threw the door he punched the hell out of Finn and jack went to the hp he had 4 broken bones and a body cast he was on life sapport I'm guessing daddy is mad umm hi dad u said he grabbed me took of my bra and raped me I was crying when we went home I ran to mummy and told her every thing she held me and started screaming at my dad and he kicked us out the house and called my mum a slut he said if I wanted sex then his sex was good enough he snatched me back in the house and told me that I work for him

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