He Was Born Because of Me

Alexia and Alex have been best friends since they could walk. However, Alex's dad had to move his family away to Massachusetts, which was too far away from California to visit. When Alex turns sixteen, he moves back to California. Will their friendship be the same? Will Alexia remember him?


4. The Fight

~If You Hurt My Best Friend, I Will Make Your Death Look Like An Accident~ (collectionphotos.com)


I woke up early and got dressed before Alex can steal the bathroom. My red and white uniform was ironed and sitting on my bed. Thank you, mom.

Alex slept on his back, his snoring was loud. Then I had the perfect idea! I grabbed a black sharpie and drew a mustache on his face. Hehe, he's gonna hate me. 


"Aaaaaah! Alexia stop that! You're gonna bust an eardrum." 

"Too BAD! I don't know about you, but I don't like being late." 

He checked the time on his phone, "Oh shizz! I'm up!" He grabbed his backpack that I just noticed he had on his back last night when I saw him, but I was too sad to pay attention to small details. 

"You better come with me to sign up! I'm not going alone, alright?" 

"Fine. Alex, you're such a scaredy cat!" 

"Shut up." 

I laughed and knocked on the bathroom door where he was changing, "Anytime soon?" 

He opened the door and it hit me. "Ow." 

"Why'd you draw the mustache on me face? Payback time!" 

He chased after me and I screamed. "MOOOOOOM ALEX IS GONNA DRAW ON ME! Alex we're gonna be late to school! The bus is going to leave without us!" I tried, but he tackled me down and put dots all over my face. "Now you have freckles!" 

"Aleeeeeeeeex!" I whined as he carried me on his back to the bus stop. This is where I usually meet Preston. That thought alone drove an invisible knife through my already torn heart. He came, and he wasn't alone this time. Mia Alvarado was on his arm. He avoided my gaze, and Alex noticed the flicker of emotion in my eyes, so he guessed that this was the guy. 

"Dude, I need to talk to you now." I grabbed his arm, "Alex, don't." He shook it off just as Preston shook off Mia's. All of a sudden, Mia and I turned around to see Alex beating Preston up. His nose was bleeding and his eye was bruised. 

"If you EVER hurt my best friend again, I will not stop there." Alex held my hand and pulled me away from the horrifying scene. The bus came and stopped exactly in front of the blue sign. "I know you want to look back at him, but don't you dare. Look at me instead." I looked down at the floor instead and sat next to Alex in the bus. Preston and Mia sat in the front of the bus just as it was about to leave. I know because I heard Mia gasping about his injuries.

Seems like ever since people saw me with Alex and Preston's face, they assumed the worse. Alex got signed up and attended every single class that I did so he could "protect me" but I think it's because he felt bad for not being there for me all these years. 

People kept staring at me and whispering as Alex and I walked by. Some comments were about how hot Alex is and others were about Preston and I. What can I say? We were the hottest couple in school. 

No one had to know about me, it wasn't any of their business, or the fight that occurred because my best friend is so overprotective. But at least I had such an amazing best friend that would fight for me any day.

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