He Was Born Because of Me

Alexia and Alex have been best friends since they could walk. However, Alex's dad had to move his family away to Massachusetts, which was too far away from California to visit. When Alex turns sixteen, he moves back to California. Will their friendship be the same? Will Alexia remember him?


12. See You Again

-Seeing you again brings back many painful memories-


The following day, I woke up at exactly eight o' clock. I usually woke up earlier, but I had that dream. Still wondering what they saw, I ate breakfast. My hair looked like a zombie's but I didn't really care; I was too lazy to put on any makeup either.

At lunch, I saw Parker by himself. He had his arms crossed and he wasn't looking at anything in particular. Hesitantly, I sat next to him. I didn't try to talk, but he broke the silence instead.

"I'm sorry, Alexia. You can't sit here..."

I smiled politely and moved. It puzzled me why he didn't allow me to sit there when at the end of lunch time, I didn't see anyone there. It was empty. Wait, is he crying? I rubbed my eyes and looked at him again. Sure enough, another tear slipped. He angrily wiped it away and threw his lunch away. That's when I noticed he didn't eat anything.

                                                  Alex's Point of View

I walked to the cafeteria and saw Alexia sit down next to Parker, and I gave him a look. He couldn't sit next to my best friend, and even if I'm upset with her, she is still important to me and I intend to protect her. Though, when I saw her with him, why did I feel upset?.

He told Alexia something and she rose up and walked away. I swear, if he said something mean, I'm going to punch him.  I walked over and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.

"What did you just do?" I said, tightening my grip.

"Calm down, Man, I just told her that she shouldn't sit here. I wasn't being rude."

I let go of him hesitantly and walked away.

I swear, people like him don't deserve to have such nice people in their lives.

I saw Alexia sitting on one of the benches on the outside of school. She looked so sad, but if I asked, she would deny it like she always does.

"Hey," I tried, sitting a little far from her in case she needed her space.

"Hi," she said, covering her face.

"I saw what happened; he's a jerk, don't mind him, Alexia."

"I don't know why I even try, because it never works, Alex! If he tried to change, it wouldn't be him. Looks like I'm doomed to be alone forever."

"Hay, did you forget about me?"

"No, Alex, I'm still mad at you."

Sighing, I nodded.

"I guess I'll go."

"Thank you, Alex." She smiled a little, hiding the tears I knew she had, "You're always there for me when I need you."

"Alexia, someday I won't be there, and you'll need to learn to defend yourself."

With that, I left her, a little angry that she was holding a grudge against me, but my pride at that moment was more valuable than apologizing.

"Hey, Khloe." I said, smiling at my girlfriend. That's right, I never told Alexia the reason why I hardly hung out with her recently, and I don't want her to know. She hates Khloe so much, she would kill her if she knew who she was to me. I mistakenly put my arm around her and when I felt a pair of eyes on me, I was sorry I did it.

                                                     Alexia's POV:

He left me crying. When I watched him walk away, I noticed him go straight to a table where Khloe, my sworn enemy since third grade, was.

No way.

No freakin way.

I don't want to see him ever again.

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