He Was Born Because of Me

Alexia and Alex have been best friends since they could walk. However, Alex's dad had to move his family away to Massachusetts, which was too far away from California to visit. When Alex turns sixteen, he moves back to California. Will their friendship be the same? Will Alexia remember him?


3. After-Shock

~What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger.~ (Kelly Clarkson)


Here's how I usually handle a break-up. I can act strong but sometimes inside, I'm dying; wishing that I was in a dream, because I honestly did care about the guy. I cried my eyes out that night, and I didn't want to seem like a wimp so I locked myself in my room and moped all day. I didn't feel like eating, talking, or hanging out with friends at all like I usually did. I just wanted to be alone. 

Music from my radio was soothing, and the famous Kelly Clarkson song played, but I had a very hard time forcing myself to sleep, so I went outside. The air whizzed through my hair and the calming sounds of the chimes were enough to calm me a little bit. I was tense and my forehead was in a frown. I put one ear bud in my ear and played some music as I kept frowning. 

"I missed that frown, silly duckling. It always made you look like you had two foreheads." 

I screamed and turned around, and the stranger covered my mouth. "Shhh, you're gonna wake up the whole neighborhood, Alexia!" 

Tears ran down my eyes and a sob escaped my lips as he put his hand away. 

"A-Are you crying? I'm sorry I didn't come to visit; it was so hard to come. I came the way I usually did when I arrived here; over the fence. I thought you would recognize me better that way." 

"No, no Alex. Please. I-I just need to be alone." 

"I'm sorry, it's all my fault for not coming, I-" 

"It's not you, Alex! I just found out that my boyfriend cheated on me today. I have been upset all day and I just don't know what to do. I'm still shocked." Alex hugged me, and I felt him tense up. 

"Alexia, who did this to you?" 

"His name is...Alex don't hurt him." 

"Fine, if you won't tell me, I'll find out by myself. He will not get away with hurting you, do you understand, Alexia Carter?!" 

At that moment, I felt lucky to still have him as a best friend. He wiped my tears and smiled. 

"You look beautiful by the way."


When my mom found out about everything, she agreed to let Alex spend the night as long as he slept on the floor. We talked almost all night and my mom had to tell us at least three times that we were too loud. He is really funny, though!

"So did you ever have a girlfriend in Massachusetts?" 

"Yeeeeah, but she wasn't my type after all. All she cared about was fashion." 

"If I was ever a fashonista, I don't think I would make it my primary goal in life." 

"I know, you're very smart. I think you'll amount to something spectacular someday." My stomache growled, and Alex jumped. 

"Time for a midnight snack! You didn't eat at all today, did you?" 

"No, I was too depressed to do anything." 

"Well, since your moms asleep, we have free access to the kitchen! Just keep quiet." 

We tip-toed to the kitchen and Alex grabbed some fruit while I whipped up some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. "You ready?" I nodded as I took a bite. 

"Mmmm, food. I'm starving!" 

"Thank goodness you didn't eat so I have an excuse to eat. I didn't eat anything today because of the excitement of moving back. I rented an apartment close to here because I figured you still lived in this house." 

"I told you I would be here."

"And you were right." 

Just like that, my best friend took away the after-shocks of a broken relationship.


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