He Was Born Because of Me

Alexia and Alex have been best friends since they could walk. However, Alex's dad had to move his family away to Massachusetts, which was too far away from California to visit. When Alex turns sixteen, he moves back to California. Will their friendship be the same? Will Alexia remember him?


1. Seperation

"Promise me we'll be best friends forever?"

"Of course, you silly goat. I'll always be waiting just in case you decide you miss me too much." Alexia laughed. 

"Good. Now give your ol' chum a hug before he has to go." Alex spread his arms out and smiled as Alexia slapped his arm and hugged him. 

"I'm gonna miss you, Alex. You better come to visit me." 

"Honestly, I'll try to. I promise." 

"You better come or I'll have to kidnap you and bring you back meself." 

They both laughed and Alex's parents called him to go. Alexia wiped a tear from her eye and waved. "You better not find a new best friend, Alex Whitney!"

"You know you're my one and only!" He exaggerated; she stuck out her tongue at him and tried to keep a straight face. 


She didn't see him ever since that day, the painful seperation, but that doesn't mean she forgot him.

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