My Love Is Like A Star.

It's their first year of collage. Two very different types of girls get roomed together. At first they can't seem to find any common grounds. Then they realized they hated the same girl. She was stuck up and thought that she was better than anyone and everyone. With their common hate for this girl they soon found other things to like about each other and soon become best of friends. But when they come back from holiday break their worlds start to become even crazier with the help of two popular boys. Will they find love or be hurt.?


2. The lost bracelet.

Gabby P.O.V

After I was done with my sandwich I threw the rest away. Zoe came in with a small smile on her face.

"What happened to you?" I asked smirking a little.

"Nothing," she simply said.

"Then why are you smiling like you saw superman or something?"

"Just leave it Gabs," she said walking over to her bed. I shrugged and went over to my bag to get ready for classes tomorrow. I searched in my bag for my History textbook but couldn't find it. I guess I left it at my house. I grabbed my keys.

"Hey Zoe, I'm leaving to go to my house to grab my history book. I'll be back soon," I said before leaving out the door. I drove to my parents house, hearing shouting and screaming from inside. My parents fight a lot but sometimes they don't. It's a weird relationship. I walked up to the door knocked. The fighting stopped and my mom answered the door. She put on a small smile.

"Gabby! You're home. Is something wrong?" my mom asked. I shook my head.

"I forgot my history book. Mind if I grabbed it?" she let me in and I ran upstairs to get it. I got it and ran back downstairs."Well, bye mom and dad," I said while hugging them. They said bye back and I left. The fighting started back up. I drove back to campus and ran back to my dorm room. I put my history book on the table near my bed. Then I realize something. I dropped my favorite bracelet. I was about to head out again when I heard a knock.

"Gabby, can you get that? I'm trying to sleep," Zoe said and I walked over to the door. I opened it a little but enough to see who it was. Who I saw was a boy, about the same age as me standing there. He had brown curly hair and hazel eyes. He held up my bracelet.

"Is this yours?" he asked. I smiled.

"Yes it is. Thank you," I said. He smiled to.

"I'm Ashton. What's your name?"

"Gabby," I said.

"Well, I will be seeing you later Gabby. I have to go. You're welcome by the way," he said and went off. I closed the door.

"Who was that?" Zoe asked her eyes still closed.

"Nothing," I said and walked over to my bed.


Hey guys!  Sorry it wasn't that long but I wanted you to get to know Gabby's character a little better. Well I hope you enjoy this movella. :)

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