A Forbidden love

I'm in love with a boy and i can't be with him cause of who my brother is and the fact that my brother and the boy who i love are in different bands and both bands hate each other so what am i supposed to do do i follow my heart or my head


12. Texting Jay back

(C=Carrie, J=Jay)

C:um how did you get my number Jay?
J:when you gave it to max i asked him for it babe can i please have a second chance

C:no i'm with Liam now you had your chance and you blew it, leave me alone

J:please i'm much better looking then that Liam guy and i got a whole lot of time to prove it to you 

C:well i'll be with Liam and my brother the whole time so you won't have a chance 

J:i'll find a way babe i really like you and i know that i messed up, but i'll fix it

and then Liam came up to me and saw my phone and he said

"why in the world is that jerk texting you"

"he said he got my number from max"

"let me have Jay's number"

"okay" then i gave him Jay's number and he texted him

"what did you say to him Liam"

"i told him he better stay away from my girl or else"

then Liam sat on the little couch and then he motioned for me to come sit with him and i did then he said

"i love you and i don't know what i'd do if i ever lost you"

"well luckily you'll never have to"

and then Harry came out and sat beside me then i wrapped my arms around Harry and i hugged him and said 

"i love you Harry and thank you for being such a great older brother to me"

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