A Forbidden love

I'm in love with a boy and i can't be with him cause of who my brother is and the fact that my brother and the boy who i love are in different bands and both bands hate each other so what am i supposed to do do i follow my heart or my head


40. leaving

Riley's P.O.V

we all were sitting in the waiting room until the doctor came to take a look at Louis leg i kept looking over at Liam who had a mixture of anger and sadness in his face and i looked at Carrie who just looked sad and then eventually the doctor came out and brought Louis in for some testing and then a few hours later the doctor brought Louis back out and told us all that his leg was broken and that he would have to be off it for about a month or two and then to come back then.

Liam then went over to Louis and said "this doesn't change anything"

then he went onto his and Harry's bus and then Louis came over to me on his crutches and said

"where's Carrie"

"i don't know she went outside but she said she'll be back, we can wait for her"


then i helped Louis sit down on the chair next to me and then 

Harry came over and sat beside Louis and said

"why did you kiss my sister?"

"because i'm in love with her and Liam doesn't deserve her"

we were still sitting there and then about an hour later i got a text from Carrie


C:hey i just wanted to say goodbye i'm on the bus packing and when i get done i'm leaving

R:no you can't leave 

C:i have to

then i looked at Louis and i said

"Louis i just thought you should know that Carrie is packing to leave right now"

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