A Forbidden love

I'm in love with a boy and i can't be with him cause of who my brother is and the fact that my brother and the boy who i love are in different bands and both bands hate each other so what am i supposed to do do i follow my heart or my head


43. Dinner

    Louis looked up at me and his eyes sparkled a smile grew on my face.

"Louis... your leg." I said.

"yup all healed." He said and pulled me in for a hug. We stay there for a while. Then we heard someone cough behind him. I looked behind Louis and my smile faded a little.

"Hi Liam..." I said trailing off. He pulled me in for a hug then he really just kissed me on the cheek. I backed away from him and looked for a reason I saw Riley.

"RILEY." I screamed and hugged her.

"So how is you and Niall." I asked.

"Prefect." She said and smiled.

"Okay let's get to the food." Niall said.

"Let's go." I said. And we all went to the kitchen. The order around the table was. Louis, Me, Liam, Riley, Niall, Harry, Zayn, Emili. Then we all dig in. After Dinner we all went down stairs and played video games and talked.

"So who wants to play video games, two extra controllers and bean bags... anyone." She said.

"ME." Harry and Niall both said.

"Sweet." She said and handed then the controllers. "Wait but Harry never plays video games he doesn't like them?" I thought to my self.

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