A Forbidden love

I'm in love with a boy and i can't be with him cause of who my brother is and the fact that my brother and the boy who i love are in different bands and both bands hate each other so what am i supposed to do do i follow my heart or my head


3. Awkward Interview

    Once we got to the interview Jay saw me and walked over to me.

"Hey, It's nice to see you again." He leaned in and hugged me.

"Hi." I turned around and saw Harry and Liam staring at me so I walked away from Jay and sat in my spot for the interview witch surprisingly was right between Liam and Jay. The rest of the boys sat down and the rest of the interview started.

"Liam when is your next concert" The interviewer asked.

"It's is in a couple weeks" Liam said. 

"Jay when is your next concert." The interviewer asked. 

"It's is actually in A few days" Jay replied.

"Carrie, How is it touring with One Direction?" The Interviewer asked.

"It is actually Alot of fun The boys are always messing around." I Answered with a smile.

"Oh I see, And have you developed any feelings for any of the boys here?" The Interviewer asked.

I hesitated for a second then said "Haha... Next question."

"Oh come on answer the question." The Interviewer said.

"Um.. Yes I have." i said quietly. Then Harry Leaned over the table a almost yelled. "What! Who?"

"Um... Liam." I saw Liam smiling. "And...... Jay" I said looking down.

Jay was smiling and Liam was to a little, But Harry was glaring at me but we kept going on with the interview. When the interview was done Jay walked up to me in the parking lot.

"I didn't know you liked me."  He said smirking.

"Well yeah, I have to admit you are kinda cute." I said.

"Well If you think i'm so take why don't I take you out this Friday." He said.

"Okay,  Sounds like a date." He leaned in for a kiss then walked away. At the same time Liam walked to me.

"Hey." He said

"Hi." I said.

"So.. Since you like me, How about we go out on a date this Friday." he said.

"Um.... Actually I can't I have plains, Touring around England for some alone time.

"Oh... What about Saturday." He said almost begging.

"Sure why not." I said. He leaned in and hugged me then walked to the car while I followed. Oh Jeez, What have I done.            

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