Audrey is just a normal high school girl...well, almost normal. The Queen Bee of the school is making her life a living hell. Will Audrey's sanity last? Will a certain someone save her?


4. Standing Up

Today is the day I'll try to stand up to Gina. I walk to my bathroom and brush my teeth. I head to my closet and grab the dress Brie helped me pick out last night. I put it on, along with the jacket and flats. I walk over to the dresser and adjust my glasses. I leave my hair down and put my 'infinity sign' necklace on. I put a few bracelets on and spray on some perfume. Brie walks in and gasps. "Audrey, you look amazing!" She gushes. I blush and she walks over to me. "I suggest you put a little makeup on." She says. I shake my head and she just nods. "Come on, I'm not saying go full blown drag queen, just some eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss." She says. I sigh and nod. She giggles and runs to go get her makeup bag, I assume. Seconds later, she walks back with her makeup bag. I won't lie when I say I'm nervous. I've never put any makeup on. Brie hands me her eyeliner and tells me how to out it on. I end up with a decent cat eye. Then, she hands me mascara. I quickly apply it and hand it back to her. She hands me the lip gloss and I put some in. Then, I grab my phone, wallet, and keys and we head downstairs. When Brie and I get to the kitchen, mom gasps and Danny smiles. "Honey, you look amazing!" Mom says. Danny walks over to me and hugs me. I hug him back. He pulls back and leads me to the table. "Audrey, you want some breakfast?" Danny asks. He, along with mom and Brie, look genuinely shocked when I nod. I sit down and enjoy my omelette.

When I'm done, I wash my plate, hug mom, and make my way to the car. A few minutes later, Danny and Brie get in. "Audrey?" Danny says. I look over to him. "Yeah?" I reply. "You've changed, I mean, you're eating breakfast, you're not so distant and you don't look so depressed." Danny says. I smile a little and nod.

I pull in to the school parking lot. "Audrey?" Brie says. I turn my attention to her. "Yeah?" I reply. "Don't forget to stand up to Gina. Be confident, don't let her get to her." She says. I nod and turn the ignition off. "Don't worry, Brie and I will be right with you if something goes wrong." Danny says. I nod and open the door. I wonder if anyone recognizes me. I hear Gina's familiar screech. "Where is she? I see her car, but I don't see the little bitch!" I'm about to say something, but stop. I look back to Danny and Brie, who nod, telling me to say what I was gonna say. "Right here, bitch!" I yell. Everyone's attention turns to me. I hear gasps from all around. "Looking for me?" I say, raising my eyebrows. I hear people whispering stuff like "Audrey?" and "Is that Audrey?" and "It is her, OMG." Gina's face contorts to surprise and then anger. "Really, just because you dress like that, doesn't mean people will like you." Gina sneers. "Are you mad 'cause all the attention isn't on you?" I say. Gina's face gets red, but returns to normal. "Listen, you little skank, no one in the school likes you, I don't think dressing like that will make them like you, that's all. Why? 'Cause you're just an attention whore!" She says. That does it. The bitch crossed the line. "Stop talking to me like I'm nothing! Just because you're popular does NOT mean you can treat other people like shit! You call me a slut, when you sleep with anyone under the bleachers! I wonder how many guys it's been." I yell. Everyone is silent. "Now how many of you have slept with Gina Harris?" I yell to the crowd. Almost all of the guys raise their hands. "How many have slept with me?" I say. No one raises their hand. I look over to Gina, her face is contorted with anger. "See Gina, I'm not a slut, I've never slept with anyone. Tell me, why do you hate me so much?" I say. Gina just storms off with her bitches. Once she's gone, I head clapping and see that people are applauding me. I blush and look to Danny and Brie, who are clapping along. I run to them and hug them. "Thank you so much." I whisper to them. "No problem." Danny says. We pull back and go to class. This is gonna be an interesting day.

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