Audrey is just a normal high school girl...well, almost normal. The Queen Bee of the school is making her life a living hell. Will Audrey's sanity last? Will a certain someone save her?


8. New Weekend

I wake up to Danny and Brie jumping on my bed. I groan and pull my pillow over my head.

"Leave me alone! Let me sleep!" I groan, pulling the pillow tighter. Brie and Danny laugh and continue jumping on my bed.

After a while, the jumping stops. Thank God. I manage to get a few more minutes of peaceful sleep.

My "peaceful sleep" is short-lived when I hear my door fly open. Judging by the heavy footsteps, I know it's Danny.

I feel him lift me up, he chuckles a little when he sees that I didn't bother opening my eyes. I just groan and smack his face a few times. I'm half-asleep, so it doesn't really hurt him. He just laughs.

Danny finally reaches where he intended to go, I guess. The place he intended to go to is my bathroom. I open my eyes and see Brie standing next to the shower. What? I see her turn the dial.


I know Danny wouldn't throw me in there. I swear to Gid if he does I'll-

My thoughts are interrupted when Danny tosses me in the shower. Did I mention the water was freezing? Well, it is.

I'm screaming a line of swears and Danny and Brie stand there laughing their asses off. Oh right, 'cause throwing your sister who is half-asleep into a freezing shower is sooo hilarious.

I manage to stand up and turn the water off. I'm livid...and cold.

Brie and Danny's laughter is replaced with a look if terror. I swear if looks could kill...

They scurry out of the bathroom, screaming something about me going to kill them.

"You asswipes! You fucking pay for this!" I yell down the hall.

Brie and Danny run into their rooms and I go into mine and lock my door.

I peel off my soaked pjs and toss them in my hamper. Oh well. I grab my panties and my push up bra. I head to my closet and grab a t-shirt and shorts.

I slip them on and put my black vans on. I check my phone and see that it's Saturday. Wow. So that's why Brie and Danny did it. They wouldn't do it on a school day 'cause it would waste time and since I'm their ride, that's the last thing they'd want, for me to spend extra time in the morning. Wow.

I walk back to my bathroom and I brush my teeth. I swish some mouthwash and spit. I wash my face with my Clean'n'Clear morning burst face wash.

I grab my hair tie and put my hair into a bun. I grab my glasses and head downstairs.

When I reach the kitchen, I see mom making breakfast and Brie and Danny with smug grins on their faces. I scowl and walk over to mom.

"Morning mom," I say, wrapping my arms around her waist.

"Morning, sweetie, how are you feeling?" She asks. I can tell she's concerned about what happened in the past week.

I nod and give her a thumbs up. She doesn't seem convinced. I give her a reassuring smile.

"No really, I'm good." I say. She finally nods and continues cooking. She grabs 4 plates and puts scrambled eggs, bacon, and hash-browns on each plate. She passes plates around and pours juice into 3 cups, and coffee into her mug.

She switches the stove off and sits down at the table.

"So, I was thinking, you 3 should spend the day to yourselves. Head down to the beach, to the boardwalk, go to a few stores, but yourselves something." Mom says, taking a dip of her coffee.

Danny and Brie look at her, wide-eyed. I just smile and bite into some bacon.

"That sounds great! Are you sure, mom?" I ask, swallowing.

Mom nods, smiling and Brie and Danny squeal, to my surprise. I've never heard Danny squeal, considering all time we spend together.

I chuckle and finish my breakfast . I walk to the sink and wash my plate. A few minutes later, Danny comes over and puts his plate in my hands. I glare at him and he gives me his goofy smile. Deja Vu moments, ugh.

When I'm done with the dishes, I head upstairs to my room. I walk to my closet and pick out some shorts anda V-neck t-shirt. I grab my keds and set my outfit on my bed.

I walk over to my dresser and pull out my push-up bra. Eh screw it. I might as well take ANOTHER shower today.

I head to my bathroom and I lock the door. I start the shower and I let the water cascade down my back.

I lather and rinse my hair and shave and step out and wrap myself in a towel.

I know for a fact that I can't trust my siblings after my showers. Danny especially.

I look both ways before sprintingto my room. I successfully reach my room and lock my door. I swear, I have a thing with locking my door. Oh yeah, I have siblings!

I grab my outfit that's laid out on my bed and put it on in record time, just in case "some people" can pick locks.

I comb my hair, run my towel through it, and decide to let it dry.

When my hair is less damp, I French braid my hair. Right when I'm tying off my braid, my hair tie breaks. Wtf.

I rummage through my drawers and finally find another hair tie. I swear, I need to buy more hair ties, ones that don't break so easily.

I grab my purse backpack and get my wallet, check for some cash, I have around $20 in there. Eh, good enough.

I check to see if my phone is fully charged. Bingo, 100% charged. I snatch my earbuds and shove them in my bag. I get my keys off my dresser, put my glasses on, and head downstairs.

I see Brie, Danny, and my mom sitting at the kitchen table, on their phones. Wow, do I really take that long?

Danny is the first one to notice me standing in the doorway.

"Finally! God, you take forever!" He exclaims, adding emphasis on "forever".

I roll my eyes and stick my tongue out at him, while mom and Brie laugh.

"Alright, I figured you guys would need some extra bucks, so here." Mom speaks up and hands us each $50. We all look at her like we just saw E.T.

"What? I figured you'd want some extra money for the day." She says, giving us a cheeky grin.

Brie, Danny, and I chuckle a grab the cash off the table.

Mom chuckles as we slowly turn and head to the door. Once again, I'm driving them. I mean, Danny has his car, Brie has her learner's permit. Gosh.

"Bye mom!" We all shout. Mom says a form of "bye" and the 3 of us head out.

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