Audrey is just a normal high school girl...well, almost normal. The Queen Bee of the school is making her life a living hell. Will Audrey's sanity last? Will a certain someone save her?


3. Finding Out

I hear sounds in the distance. Danny? I groan and open my eyes. Danny is standing there, shaking me. "What Danny?" I mumble. He has a troubled look on his face. "Just come downstairs, dinner's ready." Before I can say that I'm not hungry, Danny cuts in. "No exceptions, just come downstairs." He says, his eyes pleading. I nod a little and get up. I follow Danny downstairs and see my mom, looking worried, and Brie, close to tears. I rush to Brie and pull her in for a hug. "What's wrong, Brie?" I whisper. She shakes her head, pointing to my mom. I look over to my mom and see that she looks pained. "What's going on?" I ask. Mom hesitates, but continues. "Hon, are you ok?" She asks, her voice wavering. I'm confused. "Yeah, why?" I reply. Danny speaks up. "Audrey, are you sure, you seem...distant." He says. Oh no. Danny knows and he might have told mom about this. I gulp and look up for a second. "No, I'm find, why? What are you implying?" I say. Danny and Brie sigh and mom is trying to blink away tears. "Audrey, we know about your issue. You don't need to hide and lie." Danny says. My eyes widen and fill with tears. "Danny..." I start, saying it real slow. "Please, for the sake of my sanity, please tell me you didn't say anything." I say. Danny looks down, sighs, then meets my eyes. "Audrey, this is getting out of hand, I can't let you keep doing this to yourself." He says. Tears sting my eyes and threaten to spill. "Audrey, honey, let me see your arms." Mom speaks up. I step back and cross my arms. "Audrey, we want to help you." Brie says. She steps closer, wraps her arms around me. She pulls me closer to the kitchen counter, where mom stands. Brie moves my arms and mom takes my hands. She looks at me, I just shrug. "Hon, take your hoodie off, let me see your arms." She whispers. I shake my head. "Please Audrey, we only want what's best for you." Danny says from behind me. This is the worst feeling, having your parents, or parent, find out about your...issues. "Audrey, hon, please take off your hoodie." Mom says. I hesitate at first. Slowly, I unzip my hoodie and slide it off. Mom takes my arms and flips them over to see the cuts. She gasps, covering her mouth. She's crying. I pull my arms back, trying to hide them behind my back. "Audrey, why are you doing this?" Mom asks. I don't dare look into her eyes. "Audrey, why are you cutting?" She presses. I don't say anything. Danny comes up behind me. "Audrey, no need to hide, it's mom, you can tell her anything." He whispers. "Mom, there's...there's this girl at school," I start, holding back tears. "Who's behind all this? Who's hurting my baby?" She asks. "Her name is Gina Harris, she's the one who's doing all of this." I say, trying not to sob. Danny pulls me in for a hug and I just...let it out. I sob into his chest. After a while, I calm down a bit and Danny, mom, and Brie convince me to sit down and talk to them. "Audrey, I want you to stand up to her, she can't keep controlling you like this." Mom says. "Yeah, you need to tell her off. Show her that she's no longer affecting you." Brie says. "You don't get it. Gina is the most popular girl in school, everyone knows her. As for me, no one really knows me. They just know who I am because of Gina. No one talks to me, I'm just a nobody." I say. There's tears running down my face and I angrily wipe them. Brie comes over and scoots closer to me. "We'll help you make friends, stand up to Gina, it's gonna be ok." She says. I shake my head. "I can't, people won't go against Gina, they always side with her. They're scared to stand up to her because they know they'll become her targets." I whisper. Mon speaks up this time. "Hon, I'll call the school if you want, you know, they can stop this." She says. I shake my head. "You know what? You can get a makeover, change your look, you can march right up to Gina and tell her off." Brie says. It's bit a terrible idea. The problem is, I have no confidence. I look at Brie and shrug, giving her a small smile. She smiles back and hugs me. I wrap my arms around her and hug her back. "Now, I know you have only jeans, t-shirts, and hoodies in your closet, so we're taking you to the mall." Mom says. I nod and go upstairs to get my phone, wallet, and keys. I walk downstairs to see Danny, Brie, and mom waiting by the door. "Ready?" Mom asks. I nod and head to my car. I get into the driver's seat and wait for my mom, Danny, and Brie to get in. I start the car and head to the mall.

After 3 hours of shopping, I end up with 10 bags if clothes, shoes, and accessories. I make my way to my room. I hang up all the new clothes and Brie walks in. "Hey, time to pick out your outfit for tomorrow." She says. I nod and we end up picking a light pink, laced high-lo dress and a denim jacket. She picks out tan flats. We say our goodnights and I fall into bed, nervous for what's going to happen tomorrow.

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