Underneath the Surface

Ever have a nightmare where you've been greeted by one or many dark entities that immediately speed your heart rate up and send chills down your spine? Well, so has Raiden, but on a much larger scale. These creatures started coming only in his dreams, yes, but now they've fought their way into his reality, and all Raiden can do is hope that there is a light at the end of the dark, torturous tunnel he's been in ever since he was little.

Warning: contains some explicit language

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3. Initiation ~ Part 2

I came up to the doors, and stopped, taking one last look at the outside world before getting washed into the main hall by a sea of hormonal teenagers that laughed like hyenas high on helium.  I let the howling waves push me around and down the hall to the right of the main entrance, which, like any steroetypical school hall, had rows and rows of thin, dull colored lockers pushed up to even duller walls.  I knew that this dullness would fade as the year went on, for many students love to decorate their lockers with stickers or pictures that give their locker "personality" or line the walls with bright notices for clubs, dances and such.  I didn't quite like all the colors that emerged from these things, but I guess having those stickers and notices up makes the the halls look less like black caverns of death.

I continued to move through the rushing river through the hall, until the river flowed into a large lake known as the gymnasium.  There, it dispersed and calmed, which gave me a chance to orient myself amongst the chaos.  Having been in here once or twice before (my mom has a good friend whose child was going to be a junior this year, and I had attended some extravagant science fairs because of said child), I had already scoped out all the places in which a loner might be able to sit without getting bothered all that much.  I had done this to prepare for this exact moment, actually, along with all future school meetings.

I eyed the first place that I had suggested for myself nearly a year ago, and found that it was occupied by the skimpy trio that I had stood by at the bus stop.  Other skimpy girls were migrating towards them, as well as a couple of those guys who you can tell are wearing tons of "good" smelling cologne, even if you're not close enough to get a whiff of it. 

My nose wrinkled up when I saw the sight, so I immediately shifted my attention to the next spot that I had picked out.  It was in the corner of the upmost black bleacher line (the school mascot was the Jackal, so there was no exciting color scheme) on the other side of the gym.  It was also the farthest seat from the main door, which should make it even more unappealing to kids that aren't like me.

And apparently, I'm right.

A small smirk spread across my lips as I hooked my thumbs around the straps of my backpack, then proceeded to make my way across the polished gym floor diagonally, then zigzagged my way up to the seat.  Before I could sit down, however, I felt something relatively big collide with the back of my hood.  I lunged forward, but managed to keep myself from falling face first onto the hard plastic bleacher.  My head swimmed a little bit before I jumped back into reality.  One of my earbuds had fell out of my ear from the impact.

"Hey, Satanist!" I heard a gruff voice growl from behind me.  My shoulders went up at the rumble of his smoke tainted throat, alarm bells ringing loudly in my conscience.  The little people running my mind were in frenzy, trying to keep my thoughts in control.  Ultimately, they were failing.

I thought that he was going to military school.  I thought I wasn't going to see him ever again.  I thought I was done with him.

I slowly twisted my torso around, praying that I was hearing things.  But, for something like this to be all in my head would only happen if I had luck, which I rarely have any of.  This is why I knew my prayers wouldn't be answered.

Harris was standing a few rows lower than me, his well built lackeys a step below him.  Harris himself was well built as well, but he was a stubby thumb compared to his friends.  Since it looks like he hasn't grown all that much since the last time I saw him, he might be a stub to me now, too.  Doesn't mean that won't make my life a living Hell.

One of Harris' brown eyes raised, the as well as the side of his lip.  His menacing brown eyes blazed.

"Miss me, Beelzebub?" he asked with my iconic, demonic nickname given to me after our class reviewed Paradise Lost last year in English.  Apparently I'm Satan's favorite colleague...

I stared at him with what was probably a frightened look on my face, then watched as his lackeys stared moving towards me.

"Because I missed you," Harris stated. "Hey, why don't we talk a little bit? Catch up, you know?"

"Like hell," I breathed before running over to the railing, grabbing it with my right hand, then hopping over it.  I tumbled onto the gym floor, then quickly got up onto my feet as Harris barked angrily at his minions.  I rushed towards the closest door and pushed it open with my shoulder.  I took down yet another dull hall, my heart thudding against my chest as I did.  It didn't take long for the door to open again, and footsteps immediately followed afterwards.

I knew that I wouldn't be able to outrun them.  I was never able to outrun them, no matter how buffoonish they were.  Yet, I still ran, though it was futile.  I could hide somewhere, but I haven't been able to scope out all the janitor closets and bathrooms yet.  Even if I did stumble onto one, I doubt if it would help.  They would probably just end up cornering me more easily.  So I kept speeding until a wrist wrapped around my arm, causing me to stop abruptly and fall to the floor.  Pain rushed through me as the side of my face met the tile.  Not long after I fell, the hand left my wrist and instead threw me onto my back, then pinned me to the floor effortlessly.  The bigger of Harris' two friends, David, was on top of me, his crooked teeth showing as he smirked maliciously.  The other goon, Francis, was to my left, chuckling.  Harris came up behind Francis, and Francis moved out of the way so that Harris could be the one closest to me.  He leaned over me, staring intensely at the defenseless guy underneath him.  I attempted to give him an angry glare, but I doubted that anger was the thing stricken on my face at this time.

"Well. It looks like you're still the same, defiant little bitch that you were before." He spit in my face for the hundredth time, and I closed my eyes. "Scumbag."

I then felt Harris' fist collide with my right cheek first, my eyes springing open as it did.  I saw droplets of blood fly out of my mouth and onto the floor, then saw Harris raise his other fist and come down on the other side of my face.  Writhing pain surged through the upper part of my body, my skin swelling into black and blue mush.  Francis and David soon joined in to the beating, but instead slammed their knuckles into my stomach and chest.  I felt and heard bones crack inside my body as they hit persistently, Harris still pounding on my face.  This continued until Harris abruptly stopped, and his lackeys followed suit.  My head fell to the side, crimson blood dripping out of my nose as well as my mouth and pooling on the floor.  A soft moan escaped my tainted lips.

"Welcome to high school, Satanist."

With that, the two lackeys lifted my limp body up off the ground.  Harris opened a vacant locker, then the two stuffed me into it, my backpack smacking against the metal once I was pushed in.  They slammed the door and it jammed my toes, causing them to throb as the rest of my body was.  I heard maniacal laughter come from the outside of my black box as they walked away.

I put my puffed face in my shaking hands as I tried to focus on anything but the all encompassing agony that consumed my torso, arms and everything located above my neck.  My ears were ringing ccontinuously, sending me into a state in which I felt as if there was no reality but my world of screaming limbs and smashed bones.  I stayed like this for who knows how long, swaying back and forth in the small space I was given.

This was by far the worst beating that Harris had given me since the one from seventh grade, which left me hospitalized.  I wasn't conscious for very long after that one, however, and the morphine and pain killers that were used on me at the hospital dimmed my suffering.  This time, I didn't have those pain killers, and my body and mind was paying for it.  I almost wanted to be back at the hospital, even though I hated the smell of disinfectant and the incessant beeping of the monitors.  I also hated the fact that my mom didn't believe anything that came out of my mouth that day, and instead concluded that I had been ganged up on by some street dwellers while I was out getting groceries.

But even dealing with her was better than enduring all of this.

Eventually, after many small whines erupting from my throat, the ringing started to fade, and my body was becoming used to the pain.  I stopped swaying, and Instead sniffled, then raised my head.  The top of it hit the metal above me, and I winced softly.  I ran my fingers over my pulsing ears, and waited until I could hear something again.  There was nothing much to hear when the ringing did clear out, however, since all the students were being talked to in the gymnasium at this time.  Everyone but me, the caged animal.

I coughed then, and spit out a mix of bile and blood.  I then wiped the blood from my lip, and touched my nose afterwards.  It felt like a cougar swiped my face when I did, so I immediately pulled away and let out a loud, cracking breath.  I glanced over the tiny breathing holes that were poked into the front of the locker, then fixated my eyes on them.

I stared at the small circles of light as a faint scratching sound entered my ears, causing me to blink.  It was coming from my left, but it wasn't coming from inside of my cage, so I let the anonymous creature pick at the metal from the locker next to me.  Thank God that it wasn't in here with me.  I don't think I could deal with that right now.

As the scratching persisted, I started to feel sick to the stomach, and I instinctively grabbed my torso because of it.  I groaned loudly as I started to sway again, realizing what exactly was happening to me.  The aftermath of Harris' tortures is again going to cause me to pass out.

It only took a couple more seconds for my eyes to fill with darkness.

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