the girl with the scars on her wrist

She paints a pretty picture, but the story has a twist. The paintbrush is a razor and the canvas is her wrist


2. wonder

do you ever wonder why she has those black bags underneath her eyes?. why she's always tired? why she's always asleep in class? why she never talks to people around her? why she's shy? i could go on and on.

"I was up all night last night, sir, listening to music"

she would say to her teacher when he asked her why she was asleep. but does she really mean that? do you actually want to believe that? does she want you to believe a lie? do you wonder?

do you also wonder why she always wears her long sleeved jacket for PE? and a pair of those thick leggings, that she can get away for wearing, even though she knows you aren't aloud to wear them? why she has no excuses for wearing the PE shorts? why she only wears jeans and no skirt?

do you wonder, that maybe there is another side of that girl. another person. the girl who is always smiling? maybe she's not all she seems. do you wonder she's hiding something away from the rest of the world, not wanting to tell a single soul?

do you wonder?

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