the girl with the scars on her wrist

She paints a pretty picture, but the story has a twist. The paintbrush is a razor and the canvas is her wrist


1. screams

''I tell people I'm tired. But in fact I'm depressed. I tell people I'll be fine tomorrow. But I know, tomorrow will be worse. I tell lies everyday. And I know, I'll not to stop it by myself"

Maybe she laughs and maybe she cries. And maybe you would be surprised at everything she keeps inside. Some things that would never cross your mind.

You see that girl at school? The one who always sits in the corner of the room. She's always smiling, laughing, isn't she? She's always got a smile on her face. She's always laughing telling jokes to her friends, isn't she. Well, she doesn't have many friends, but she's always smiling. She's always got that huge smile on her face, hasn't she?

You're probably wondering, what all of this is about. There is a reason, you know. Is just that you don't know what this is; only she can understand. It's something you won't get if you've gone through it.

Do you think she's happy? Yes, you do? Do you think she's enjoy life? Yes, you do? Do you think she loves herself? Yes, you do?

You shouldn't judge a book by a cover. Didn't your parent's ever tell you that?

That smile of hers. That laugh of hers. The brightness inside her eyes. They are all fake. Every single thing about her is fake. She doesn't want the world to know that she's crying inside. Feeling so depressed. Dying inside. Tired from staying up all night last night, debating whether or not to end her life right then. Her eyes have seen more tears that yours have seen oceans. Only she can hear her screams.

She doesn't want anyone to know what she gets up to in the night, when everyone is sleeping happily, dreaming happy dreams an with no worry or drought in their thoughts.

Only she can hear her own screams.

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