the girl with the scars on her wrist

She paints a pretty picture, but the story has a twist. The paintbrush is a razor and the canvas is her wrist


4. notice

it seems as if she's always wearing that same hoodie; whatever the weather!

"I'm just cold"

she would say when someone asks her 'why are you wearing a thick hoodie like that on a sunny day'.

everyone thinks shes weird, and strange, and stupid and worthless. they always call her names like 'the hoodie monster' or 'the cold freak' or 'worthless freak', which I count as bullying, and so should you.

but, even though she's not telling anyone, people are starting to notice. the way she acts around everyone. the was she pulls her sleeves down over her hands further and further. but she's stays quite through it all, looking hopeless.

and when she goes home, she'll cry herself to sleep, because people think she's worthless.

how could you not notice that?

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