Meet Makayla Western. "You were 16 when she died!" A 18 year old girl on a search. "What does that have to do with anything?!" A search that means everything to her. "Your 18 Makayla! Give it up already!" Meet Harry Styles. "I loved her!" Harry is helping Makayla with the search. "I'm not gonna let her or Makayla down!" The search for something important. "This is more important than...than...anything!" The search for Aria Western. "I promise you I'll find her killer," Makayla's sister. "It's not just anyone. It's my sister," It takes hard work. "We been here for five days lets go," And all their will... "I would die just to know who killed her," to find out who killed Aria Western. "I just wanna know who killed my sister,"


2. Chapter two (A year later)

************************A Year Later*****************************

I felt tears fill my eyes as I fixed my shirt. "Ready?" My dad asked crying himself. I nodded and wiped my eyes. I walked over to him and held his hand as we walked down the few steps and out to the car. I got in the back and sat my head on the window.


My mom got in then my dad did. "Everyone ready?" He asked starting the car. I just nodded not wanting to talk at the moment. My mother said yes and my dad sighed. He then started the car and took off.


"Is Harry coming?" I asked. Since the day I found out Aria went missing I haven't seen or heard from Harry. 


"He didn't say anything. Once again he hasn't said anything for a while," My father said and I sighed. It's like he killed her and ran away so he wouldn't be caught. I mean he was with her last. I shook my head and sat it back down on the window.


After minutes of silence I felt the car start bouncing. What meant we where at the church. I once again fixed my outfit and got out the car. Tears still streaming down my face. I felt someone hug and me and looked and saw it was Tina. 


Tina has been my best friend for ever. "Hey," She said wiping away the tears. 


"Hey," I said and she sighed.


"She's in a better place now," Tina said patting my back. "She looking at you know I bet,"


I looked up at the sky and manged a small smile. "Love you Aria," I said as we began walking inside the church. My mom and dad were all ready inside crying and hugging everyone. Honestly I didn't want. I didn't want to be here.


I wanted to be with my sister. But once again impossible. I walked to the the front and sat down next to Tina. "Study your speech?" Tina asked and I nodded she smiled at me again and sat all the way back.


My mom and dad sat down and we went through all the stuff. I zoned out until my mom shook me. "Speech honey do good," She said and I stop up. I slowly made my way up to the front.


I looked over the crowd of crying people. "Thank you all for coming. I believe all of you knew Aria. Well no one knew her like I did. No one knew when she got in fights at school. When she would walk around the park just to watch cute boys. The fact when her cheeks were a pinkish she was think of Harry or someone cute." I giggled at the thought of her cheeks always turning a pinkish.


"When she was mad her cheeks we're a dark red. I doubt mom and dad didn't know there was a hole in her wall she covered with her school photo. She was just a kind person. She didn't deserve what she got. She didn't deserve to die like she did. I mean what did she every do so bad to get that? She was the nicest person alive. I mean she stepped on a bug and then tapped it's little leg that was like the size of an ants head. She was always rising money to help people and find a cure for cancer. When we were little kids I was three she was five. She gave away all her toys besides two bears. She did anything to help people. She wanted to be a nurse to help people. She would give her house to a homeless person," By then I was downing in my own tears.


"I'm gonna cut this short I can't do the whole thing right now," I said and took a deep breath. 


"She was an amazing girl. Who every killed her will regret it. I will find them no matter what it takes. I just wanna know who killed my sister."  I then got down from the stand and went back to my seat. Tina hugged me as I cried into her chest.


               Author's Note:

Sad chapter I guess. If you didn't know they are at her funeral. This is part one of the funeral. I'm not sure when part two will be up. Because I was suppose to update tomorrow. But I have to go to a pool party so I wouldn't have the time. And I might not get to it Sunday because thats my mom's  day off. So yeah. So there won't be an update until like Monday or Tuesday. So yeah...



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