Will he ever want me


1. class

I sit there, board out of my mind, listening to the silent ticking of the clock. Every tick felt like forever, especially in Mr Browns class.He was an old bloke, grey side burns , wrinkles , the lot. It was only 5 min into the lesson but it felt more like 5 hours. He had a soft dopey voice which made me want to sleep. "Now please pull out your text books." Yay text book work my favourite ,not. .....

Finally the lesson was over, I grabbed my rucsake over my one sholder and began my way down to the canteen ...alone. I did have a few friends, quite a lot really ...its just they get on my nurves a lot. There is this boy called Luke in the year above me. He is really annoying and full of himself. I don't like him! But all of my friends thinks he likes me. He is one of those people everyone has a crush on. But I am not buying it. 

"Hey there" said Luke, Owww yay what a surprise its Luke again. "What do you want" 

"Just wanted to keep you company thats all..." 

So we walked down the corridor talking nearly all break. It was actually surpassingly fun. We ate together, not really that much fun, and then slowly separated to our lessons. "Hey there honey" says a slowly appearing Ella. " oowww, what where you and Luke doing huh..." suddenly she gave me a slight nudge on the shoulder. "We are only friends Ella" i said but pushing her away slightly. "Yh sure" she explained with a cheeky smile before running away into the distance. Probably to catch up with her soppy girly fiends. Then it was time to go home. I wiped my curly brown hair over my shoulder and began to walk my way home. 

"Hey , Emily wait" 

"Whats up Luke" 

"Nothing . Just wanted to walk home with you "

"But you don't walk this way" 

"And ....." he said quite embarrassed 

The confiscation didn't really go mush more then that. We walked a little until we came to the tree.

"Well I should properly be on my way home now" 

"Ok , My dad could give you a lift if you want" 

"No its fine, I can walk...... I was just wondering are you free this weekend I just wanted to know if you wanted to go bowling with me.. I mean not as a date or anything just to hang coz we are like totally cool right?"

I could tell he was a bit nerves " Yh I would like that" I said and  with that we went our separate ways. 


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