Hey Princess

Summary: 17 year old Diana is daddy's little princess. She gets everything she wants, no questions asked. She has a perfect life, she's the cheer captain she has her two best friends Karly and Lottie and she has her boyfriend Cameron the star quarterback in Carleton high schools football.
Than there is...
18 year old Dmitri. He gets beat everyday by his drunk of a father. He hates his life and wishes nothing more but to die. He has no friends but he has a huge crush on Diana. Dmitri only writes music and songs, it's the only thing keeping him sane.


•Mild language •Physical Abuse •Sexual content •Self harm


13. Chapter Twelve

They day before prom and everything seemed to be going perfect for everyone. Diana was going to prom with Cameron, Lottie with her new boyfriend-yes he asked her to be his girlfriend- and karly knew she had Cameron wrapped around her finger. Dmitri was going to the prom only because Diana had asked him to go.

Cameron and Diana where in her room talking about what they were going to do once school was over next week. She had her party and than everyone would forget each other and move on to collage in other places around the world.

Cameron kissed Diana lightly on the lips as he got off the bed looking down at his phone.

"Babe I have to go but I'll see you tomorrow" he said winking at her. She smiled and reached up to give him a kiss which he had returned.

The next day Lottie and Karly showed up at her house so they could go to prom together, they would meet Cameron and Jason there. They helped each other with it all, they helped each other with make up accessories and which shoes who should wear, Diana's closet was like the mall you could find anything there.

Cameron on the other hand was laying his bed listening to music. He didn't care for prom much other than the fact that today he would completely ruin Dmitri's life. Cameron felt his phone vibrate and picked it up seeing it was a text.

♡ Diana ♡

Can't wait for tonight xx

Cameron smiled, stood up and started getting ready it was only an hour till prom and he had a lot to plan too. He knew Dmitri was going to be there because Karly told him and he was tired of Dmitri being in Diana's life. Cameron felt he was the only mad that should be in her life and he was going to make sure that it stayed that way.

Dmitri hadn't gone home all day instead he went to David's and got ready there. The owner was like his father so he helped him out with fixing his tie and lending him some shoes that belonged to his older son who no longer used them because they didn't fit. Even though Dmitri wasn't going with Diana he was happy because he knew that she had asked him to go and that's all he cared about. He may have hated her in the beginning but he was starting to feel something very special for her.

Once Lottie Diana and Karly got to the prom they spotted Cameron and Jason. Lottie and Diana walked up to them as Karly walked to the food table and got herself some punch. Cameron kissed Diana on the lips gently and smiled.

"Beautiful as always" he whispers softly into her ears making blush.

"Thank you handsome" she smiled. He laughed.

"I'll go get us some punch" Cameron said as Jason followed leaving Lottie and Diana alone.

As Cameron left Dmitri took that as his chance to walk up to Diana.

"I want what I can't have I wanna make you mine I don't care what it takes I'm fearless with my heart I'll take it any place I don't care if it breaks" the song started playing. Dmitri smiled at Diana.

"Care to dance?" Dmitri asked, in that moment Cameron came back with cups of punch. Cameron handed a cup to Diana and glared at Dmitri as Diana took a drink of the punch.

"Sure, I know Cameron won't mind. Right babe?" Cameron nodded his head and leaned in to kiss Diana on the liPs.

"Go ahead" Cameron said handing her over to Dmitri.

"Oh Diana I'm sure you wouldn't mind me dancing with Cameron than, right?" Karly asked. Diana smiled and nodded her head walking away from them to where Dmitri lead them.

"I know this isn't a slow song but I can't stay long" Dmitri said putting both hands on Diana's hips. Diana smiled and put her arms around his shoulder.

"I don't mind as long as I get to face a song with you" Diana said.

"I don't know why you just don't break up with her already" Karly said as Cameron pulled her in for a dance. This moment felt perfect to him.

"You know why" Cameron said. He loved Diana but he felt that he loved Karly more.

"Dmitri?" Diana asked looking up into his hazel eyes.

"Yes?" Dmitri asked. He loved Diana's eyes and he felt that he could get lost in them forever. That was something that he didn't want he didn't want to hurt her and he didn't want to hurt himself.

"Can you sing for me?" She asked mankind Dmitri smile.

"I wanna tell you things I never tell myself These secrets hurt like hell, oh Call me crazy, maybe I'm insanely Out of my mind but it'll never phase me If I have to, I'm not afraid to Save my heart for you " Dmitri sang making Diana's mouth drop. She wanted to kiss him again. She didn't know what but something in that moment felt right to her Diana started leaning in.

She wanted to feel his lips against hers again. She wanted to know what if felt like again she wanted him, something in that moment told her that she didn't want Cameron that she wanted Dmitri.

Just as the song finished Cameron came up to them tapping in Diana's shoulder. Diana turned around and smiled.

"I'll see you later Dmitri" Diana said as Cameron led her away.

Diana hadn't noticed but Dmitri started following them, he wanted to tell Diana about Karly and Cameron.

Cameron led Diana out of the prom and into the hall where the bathrooms where at.

On the way to following them Kalry stopped Dmitri. He rolled his eyes at her but Karly just smirked.

"Diana would never like you in that way" she said. Dmitri knew she was right but he still wanted to try, he knew there was nothing wrong with trying.

"Your disgusting, she's your best friend yet you go behind her back and have sex with her boyfriend" Dmitri yelled in her face loud enough for her to hear. Karly felt terrible for that but she was tired to Diana getting everything and her getting nothing. From affar Karly could see Lottie staring at them.

Dmitri started walking away from Karly.

"Just say it Diana" he heard Cameron say.

"Your right" Diana started. "I'm a princess and Dmitri is a freak-" in that moment Dmitri cut them off.

"Oh so I'm a freak?" Dmitri said, Diana's face went white as Dmitri smirked.

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