Hey Princess

Summary: 17 year old Diana is daddy's little princess. She gets everything she wants, no questions asked. She has a perfect life, she's the cheer captain she has her two best friends Karly and Lottie and she has her boyfriend Cameron the star quarterback in Carleton high schools football.
Than there is...
18 year old Dmitri. He gets beat everyday by his drunk of a father. He hates his life and wishes nothing more but to die. He has no friends but he has a huge crush on Diana. Dmitri only writes music and songs, it's the only thing keeping him sane.


•Mild language •Physical Abuse •Sexual content •Self harm


14. Chapter Thirteen

"No Dmitri wait!" Diana called out running after him. It was hard to run in heels and a long dress so by the time she got to the front doors he was already gone. With tears streaming down her eyes Diana walked back into the gym where the prom was being held. She felt like her heart shattered into a million pieces. She didn't mean what she had said, Dmitri may be a freak to everyone else but to her he was special. Lottie came running up to Diana when she saw her tear stained face, she felt bad for her best friend.

"What happened?" Lottie asked with a worried voice. Diana started crying even more as she told her best friend what happened.

Dmitri got to the bus stop and waited for the bus. After prom he was going to ask Diana for a ride, he knew he should have never gotten so close to her, so close to get feelings for her but he couldn't help it. It was something about her since they where little that compelled him to her. Like she was the one that was going to be there when he needed her even if he never wanted to tell her about his life.

Once the buss stopped Dmitri stood up and got in, he didn't want to go home but he knew he had to. He couldn't wait to get out of the stupid tux but he didn't want to face his dad. Than again to him he hopped to feel something with the beating his dad would give him beaches right now he felt empty. He couldn't cry and he felt like a robot with no feelings.

"I ruined everything!" Diana cried out.

"I love him Lottie" Diana said. Lottie smiled, she knew Diana loved Dmitri and she was waiting for the moment that Diana would admit it. The thing that sucked was that Diana admitted it to late because Dmitri hated Diana now.

"Now that you got them split can I have my kiss?" Karly asked. She was in the girls bathroom with Cameron and she wanted him there and than. Nothing would stop her from having sex with him in the school bathroom. Cameron smiled and grabbed her thighs picking her up so her legs went around his hips. He squeezed her but and leaned his lips near her ears.

"I'm going to fuck you right her right now" Cameron whispered moving his mouth on top of hers.

"Whip your tears sweetie" Lottie said standing up from her sitting position. Jason was on the other side of Diana trying to comfort her as well.

"We'll be back" Lottie said grabbing Diana's hands. Diana couldn't stop the tears and she felt that her life was ruined her heart felt broken and she wanted Dmitri to hold her close and tell her that he loved her too. Lottie led Diana to the girls bathroom.

Once they where inside neither of them could believe there eyes.

"I'm tired of you Dmitri!" His dad yelled grabbing him by the collar of his tux. Dmitri had fear in his eyes, that made his dad smile he loved feeling in control of Dmitri.

"You aren't aloud of this house other than to go to school, you've been disobeying me for a long time now!" He yelled throwing him on the ground. Dmitri grunted. He was about to stand up but his dad kicked him back down. He took another drink of his bear before throwing it at the wall accords from him.

"I thought you would have listened to me that time I threw glass at your face" his dad said bending down whispering him his face. Dmitri could smell the alcohol and he felt like gagging at his dad a breath. Dmitri's dad saw his expression and slapped him in the face hard enough to through him back on the ground making Dmitri hit his head on the ground.

"Stand up!" His dad yelled, Dmitri obeyed and stood up. He wanted to cry but he couldn't he couldn't feel anything but the fear that his dad caused. Once Dmitri was standing his dad punched him in the face making Dmitri step back, again and again his dad punched him in the face until he fell on the ground.

"Stand up basterd!" His dad yelled, Dmitri was going to stand but when he was bending his dad kicked him making him fall back. He wished he could die, he wanted to die and in that moment it's like his wish was granted.

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