Hey Princess

Summary: 17 year old Diana is daddy's little princess. She gets everything she wants, no questions asked. She has a perfect life, she's the cheer captain she has her two best friends Karly and Lottie and she has her boyfriend Cameron the star quarterback in Carleton high schools football.
Than there is...
18 year old Dmitri. He gets beat everyday by his drunk of a father. He hates his life and wishes nothing more but to die. He has no friends but he has a huge crush on Diana. Dmitri only writes music and songs, it's the only thing keeping him sane.


•Mild language •Physical Abuse •Sexual content •Self harm


11. Chapter Ten

The kiss was soft yet rough. Diana smiled into the kiss as Dmitri put his hand on her waist pulling her closer to him, Diana put her hands on either side of his face laying his head down on the ground deepening the kiss. Slowly Dmitri's hands went down her waist his hands going down below her butt as he gripped the back of her thighs making Diana moan into the kiss. Dmitri smiled deepening the kiss as he put both of her legs on either side of his waists before grabbing Diana by the back and turning them around so that her back was now on the ground while he was on top of her, her legs wrapped around his waist. Dmitri's eyes shot open, he felt scared suddenly. He didn't want to feel scared, he knew Diana wouldn't hurt him but he couldn't help but feel scared. Quickly Dmitri pushed Diana off of him. He looked panicked and Diana was worried for him. She knew she should be mad about the kiss, she has a boyfriend but instead she felt worried about Dmitri.

"Get away from me!" Dmitri yelled feeling scared. Diana tried walking closer to him but he only backed away, he didn't want her near him.

"Dmitri?" Diana asked causing Dmitri to put his hands over his ears. He didn't want Diana to get closer.

"No! Please?" Dmitri pleaded, he didn't want Diana to hurt him.

"Stay away" he yelled. Diana frowned, she walked closer to Dmitri making him walk back again. This times he hit the wall behind him making him feel more scared. He was trapped, he had no where else to go. Diana would catch him.

"No! Please? Please don't hurt me!" Dmitri yelled sitting on the floor, his eyes closed tightly while his hands where over his ears. "Please!" He yelled feeling that Diana was now next to him. Diana didn't know what to think.

"Dmitri, it's ok" Diana spoke in a soothing voice, she wasn't sure if she should touch Dmitri or not. She knelt down beside him and reached for Dmitri's hands. He was shaking, she grabbed his hands in hers.

"Dmitri, it's ok I'm not going to hurt you" Diana spoke in a small worried voice. Slowly Dmitri opened his eyes to see a crying Diana. Diana didn't know when she started crying so when she touched her face she was surprised to feel the tears. She wiped them away and grabbed Dmitri's hands again.

"I won't hurt you" Diana said reassuringly sitting down next to Dmitri. He wasn't sure if he believed her but he slowly calmed down. Diana put her arm around Dmitri making him tense up. Diana felt it and started rubbing his arm in a soothing way. Dmitri was in tears his face red just like Diana's.

"I'll never hurt you Dmitri" she said her voice cracking a little. Diana didn't know if she was going to tell Cameron but right now that wasn't what she was worried about. She was more worried about Dmitri.

Why had he acted like that?

She didn't know but she wanted to know why. It pained her to see him act like that, he was a nice guy. She didn't like seeing him sad.

That night Dmitri had ended up sleeping at her house. He was to heavy for her to pick up so Diana called Linda and asked her to bring extra blanket and a pillow for him. She had many pillows on her bed but she always found excuses to get more. She loved pillows and she wished her room was a pillow, they were just that comfortable. After Linda brought her the blankets and pillows Diana laid them out on the floor to make it more comfortable and than tried putting Dmitri on top of the blankets. Dmitri wasn't as heavy as she thought he would be so it wasn't that hard to move him. Diana covered him with the blanket and walked over to her bed.

Diana turned the lights off in her room and fell asleep thinking about Dmitri and what happened today, she loves the kiss but the way he acted after the kiss worried her. She didn't know what was going to happen with Cameron but she wasn't worried about that right now.

"No,no please?" Dmitri yelled making Diana wake from her slumber. Diana looked at the time it was only 2 in the morning.

"No!" Dmitri yelled again. Diana stood up scared and walked over to Dmitri on the ground.

"Dmitri" Diana whispered grabbing his hands.

"Get away! Please don't hurt me! I didn't mean it!" Dmitri yelled again trying to push Diana off of him. Diana gripped his hands and knelt down so her face was in his.

"Dmitri it's ok, it's me Diana" Diana called. Dmitri's eyes suddenly sprang open, he stared at Diana for a while. He looked confused as he sat up.

"Where am I?" Dmitri asked looking around the room.

"You slept over, are you ok?" Diana asked, Dmitri was able to hear the worry in her voice.

"Yeah, just a bad dream" Dmitri said breathing in trying to calm himself.

"Do you want some water?" Diana asked, Dmitri nodded. Diana grabbed his hands and lead him to her bed sitting him down.

Dmitri watched as Diana walked out of the room. He was scared, he didn't want to go back home tomorrow his dad would beat him harder again, he touched his face feeling bumps from the scars on his face. He didn't want to go home. He wished he could stay here with Diana. It was obvious to him that her parents love her. He wished he had a mom and a loving dad, he often wondered why his dad started hating him but he knew why. He just didn't like the reason.

Diana came back with a glass of water and she handed it to him. Dmitri took it and drank all the water.

"You want to sleep in my bed?" Diana asked with a smile. Dmitri nodded his head.

Diana laid down and tapped the spot next to her, Dmitri took it and Diana turned the lights off.

Once Dmitri was in the bed she felt him wrap his arm around her waist. She smiled at the way his arm felt around her she loved it. She fell asleep thinking about Dmitri holding her.

The next day was Monday, Diana woke up at the usual time to see Dmitri still sleeping with her. His arm was still wrapped around her and there was a smile on his face. A real smile that made her smile. He looked peaceful, beautiful even. Diana wished she could see him like that all the time. Diana gently raised her hand and touched his face. That made him wake up.

"If you want you can shower first" Diana whispered while smiling at him. He smiled back at her and let go of her. He got up from his spot in the bed and walked over to the bathroom.

"If you want you can hand me your clothes and I can give it to Linda so she can wash it while you shower" Diana said before he got in the bathroom. He nodded and walked into the bathroom.

When Diana walked up to the schools front doors she noticed the Prom signs, that's the first time she noticed them. Next week was her part and this week was prom, she knew Cameron wasn't going to ask her. He's been acting weird, all she could hope was that he would ask. Diana felt herself blush as the kiss that Dmitri gave her passed her memory. She would like to go with Dmitri if Cameron didn't ask, she wasn't sure Dmitri would want to go though.

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