Hey Princess

Summary: 17 year old Diana is daddy's little princess. She gets everything she wants, no questions asked. She has a perfect life, she's the cheer captain she has her two best friends Karly and Lottie and she has her boyfriend Cameron the star quarterback in Carleton high schools football.
Than there is...
18 year old Dmitri. He gets beat everyday by his drunk of a father. He hates his life and wishes nothing more but to die. He has no friends but he has a huge crush on Diana. Dmitri only writes music and songs, it's the only thing keeping him sane.


•Mild language •Physical Abuse •Sexual content •Self harm


2. Chapter One

*Third person*

There sat Dmitri on the bleachers outside watching the way Diana moved around in her cheer outfit. He hates her guts, yet at the same time he probably has the biggest crush on her. Always had a crush on her since the 2nd grade when they were in a play and Diana was the princess while Dmitri was the Prince Charming. He will never forget how she looked in her pink little dress her blond hair making her look like that blond princess that loses her shoe.

Dmitri wasn't always noticed by the people at school that is until this one time when a boy from the lower class grade had found him in the schools bathroom bleeding to death. That same day he got home late and his dad beat him telling him that he was supposed to be home 3 hours ago. It was hard for Dmitri to run away from the hospital but finally he had managed it.

They had all finished the cheer and Diana went close to the bench and got her pink water bottle. Dmitri took that as his signal to go home. His dad would be home in two hours. He took one last look at her only to see her friend with the black hair look at him. He quickly looked away and started to get off of the bleachers closing the notebook that he had in his hands.

"Why is the emo freak staring at you?" Karly asks Diana. Diana turns around only to see that her friend was telling the truth because Dmitri had started staring at her again. He quickly turns his head and starts packing his stuff into his backpack. She shrugged her shoulders. At that moment Cameron came over to her and pressed a kiss on her lips. She smiled into the kiss and deepened it.

Cameron is the football quarterback and the schools 'it' boy. All the girls wanted to be with him and all the boys wanted to be him. Cameron has no problem with all of this attention he actually enjoys it. Especially all the attention he gets from the girls at school. When Diana turned around she had seen that Dmitri was no longer there.

Dmitri was at home now, his dad wasn't going to be home until an hour later. Maybe longer he was probably at the bar around the house getting drunk. Dmitri was prepared for what his father would do to him.

An hour later he walked in drunk. He was dragging his feet across the carpet. "YOU STUPID LITTLE FUCK!" He yells at Dmitri walking into his bedroom.

Dmitri was in his room sitting down waiting for his father to walk in. Once he heard his dad's voice boom through the house he started shaking. He quickly got up off the bed and started walking backwards trying to get away from his dad. Suddenly he felt like a little kid again hiding from the world and wanting someone to be there to protect him. His dad got closer and lifted his hand slapping him across the face. He got down on one knee standing in front of his son who was cowering down on the floor wishing his dad would stop. He picks him up from his hair.

"You stupid little fuck! You did all of this!" He yelled to his son who began to cry. He knew he did do this if it wasn't for him his mother would still be here and they would all be living like a happy family. Quickly his father picked up his arm and clenched his fist connecting it with his sons jaw making him fall backwards. His dad holding a fist of his hair in his hand while Dmitri was on the ground grabbing the top of his head where he started bleeding missing pieces of his hair. His dad kicked him in the stomach making him fall back and let go of his hair. He quickly gets on top of him and starts slapping and punching him in the face repeatedly.

"You don't know what I've been through!" His father yells over the pleads and cry's begging for him to stop. "You killed her, it's your fault!" He yells finally standing up. Dmitri try's to get up only to have his father kick him back down to the floor.

"You don't know what I've done for you!" He says as he begins to kick his son in the stomach "I still took you in! I took you in!" He says kicking him repeatedly.

Just as his dad was going to kick him again but this time in the face, he bends down and barfs all over his son. That's enough to make him pass out. He falls on top of his son making Dmitri cry out in pain.

He stays like that for a while before realizing that his dad is in fact asleep. He gently lifts him off of himself making sure not to wake up afraid that he'll beat him again. Once he's up he limps over to the drawer and looks for a hoodie. He gently pushes the black t-shirt off of himself and replaces it with a hoodie ignoring the pain on his uper body. He gently kneels down and grabs his black converse sliding them onto his feet.

"Daddy!" Diana calls out walking into the house her backpack hanging off one shoulder her cell phone in her right hand along with her black BMW car keys.

"Princess!" He says looking up from his computer. Her dad owns a giant record company and has gotten to work with a lot of amazing artist like He Is We, All Time Low, Bring Me The Horizon, One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer and a lot lot more. "How was school?" He asks her and she smiles walking over to him. Her mother walks into the kitchen and hugs Diana giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"It was amazing, I got an A on my history paper and my cheer coach says that I have done such an amazing job with the team this year." She says and her parents smile.

"That's amazing honey, you must be starving Linda is almost finished with dinner" her mom says and walks out of the kitchen. Diana quickly looks down at her phone after feeling it vibrate.

Lottie >•<

David's at 8?

The text reads. David's is a popular teen hang out, everybody at school goes there. Diana smiles and starts her way upstairs going to her room. She quickly throws her backpack down on the floor beside her door and walks over to her bed putting her keys down. She lays down on her king sized bed and looks up at her phone.

I'll be there

She text back and closes her eyes for a while. Flashes of the emo boy sitting on the bleachers passes her memories and she quickly opens her eyes. Even though Diana would never admit it she remembers Dmitri, she remembers how happy she was when she found out that he was going to be the Prince Charming. She has had a crush on him since the moment he walked through her second grade class.

She quickly stands up and looks through her closet and grabs something comfortable to change out of her cheer outfit. Once she's changed she walked down stairs and took a seat at the table. They were having her favorite for dinners spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread.

The clock finally hit 8 and she let her parents know that she was going out to hang with her friends.

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