Hey Princess

Summary: 17 year old Diana is daddy's little princess. She gets everything she wants, no questions asked. She has a perfect life, she's the cheer captain she has her two best friends Karly and Lottie and she has her boyfriend Cameron the star quarterback in Carleton high schools football.
Than there is...
18 year old Dmitri. He gets beat everyday by his drunk of a father. He hates his life and wishes nothing more but to die. He has no friends but he has a huge crush on Diana. Dmitri only writes music and songs, it's the only thing keeping him sane.


•Mild language •Physical Abuse •Sexual content •Self harm


10. Chapter Nine

"5 Seconds of Summer" Diana said to her dad. Diana was currently planning her graduation party which was in three weeks. She couldn't wait, all the seniors where going to be there.

Diana wanted 5 Seconds of Summer to be there as the live band. "I'm sorry princess, that can't be done there on your with One Direction remember?" Her dad said making her frown.

"Well can't I have One Direction too?" Diana asked. Her dad shook his head making her groan in frustration.

"Please daddy! I told everyone they would be here! Can you try something?" Diana asked hoping he would change his mind and have them come.

"Ok! Ok, I'll see what I can do, but no promises" he said with a serious tone. Diana nodded her head and smiled at her triumph.

"Just in case who else would you want?" He asked making Diana sigh in annoyance.

"Um, Sleeping with Sirens" She said the first band that came to her mind. He smiled at her and stood up leaving the kitchen. Diana looked back down at her notebook.

√ band.

Check, now she need the invitations. Those should be here tomorrow.

√ invitations.

Check, She still had to plan the food and decorations. So far the party was coming along fine. Diana was so excited she had it posted everywhere and only people she invited where aloud in with one guest.

"Ms. Diana, um the boy Dmitri is here" Linda said to Diana. She turned around to face her and smiled.

"Let him in" Diana said. Linda nodded and turned around leaving the kitchen. One minute later Dmitri is in the kitchen. He took an apple from the counter and took a bite out of it.

"Hey" he said smiling at Diana. The lines that had been all over his face where now gone. At least some of them where, you where still able to see some red lines on his cheeks but other than that the red scratches on his face had faded into white scars. When Diana's mom first saw him she was so worried, she had wanted to call the cops but Dmitri had denied saying that it was no big deal. Now every time he came over and her mom saw him she would check up on him to make sure that he was doing fine. Over the past days Diana had been noticing things about him. Like how he always seemed to cower away when she gently hit him, how he sometimes seems to be hiding thing like his eyes or his arms and stomach. Diana's mind flashed back to the day they went in for a swim.

"Come on!" Diana yelled over at Dmitri who was still not in the swimming pool, all of his clothes was still on. He seemed uncomfortable. Diana quickly got out of the pool and ran over to him. She grabbed him by the arm and led him closer to the pool. He already had his shoes off, his socks belt and hoodie. He was now only in his black skinny jeans and grey t shirt. He sighed but took of his pants.

"I'm not taking my shirt off" he said. Diana nodded her head and jumped back in the pool with him.

To this day she still didn't know why he didn't want to take his shirt off. "Hey" Diana said smiling up at him. He had been going to school now more often, when he first came back to school his face was still covered in red scabs and people had started laughing but Diana would tell anyone off who said something to him. Karly and Cameron had tried to say something but Diana had stopped them telling them that they had to grow up. Diana was glad that he was back, but every day he seemed to be losing more and more of his beautiful smile. He wasn't smiling like how he used to when they first started talking. His smile wasn't big and happy but it was a smile that made Diana smile, now his smile seemed force.

Diana stood up from her seat and led him up stairs to her room. "Whats up?" Diana asked. Dmitri shrugged his shoulders and took another bite of his apple. He had been coming to Diana's house more frequently and when Diana's dad met Dmitri he had told Dmitri that he was going to hear him sing one day. Her mom still hadn't heard him and they where both dying to. An idea was to maybe have Dmitri sing at her graduation party but she really wanted 5 Seconds Of Summer and One Direction. She had met 1D but she was looking forward to meeting 5SOS.

"So guess what!?" Diana asked excitedly. Dmitri looked up at her and smiled lightly.

"What?" He asked.

"So, I was talking to my daddy a while ago and well he is going to try to get 5 Seconds of Summer to come and preform at my party!" Diana said excitedly and Dmitri groaned. Diana knew he didn't really like that band but she didn't care.

"How nice" Dmitri said sarcastically. Diana rolled her eyes at him and laid down on her bed patting the space beside her. Dmitri took the spot and looked over at her.

"Don't be so sarcastic about it, besides we're not sure yet, if they do come so are One Direction!" Diana said happily. "If they can't come it'll be Sleeping with Sirens" Diana said. Dmitri quickly sits up on the bed and looked at Diana with wide eyes.

"Really! That's so fucking cool!" He yelled excitedly making Diana laugh.

"Yes, it would be nice to see Kellin again we're actually good friends" Diana said and Dmitri's eyes widen. Diana had met Kellin a while ago last summer it was amazing and they hit it of really well. His kids are just the cutest things as well as his wife. Diana babysat his kids when he was having concerts here and it was always amazing.

"Diana! Why didn't you tell me this!" Dmitri yelled out excitedly grabbing her by the shoulders and shaking her.

"I didn't find it that important" Diana said.

"Not that important!" He yelled out shaking her shoulders even more. From how much he was shaking her he didn't notice that he was at the edge of the bed. Dmitri's eyes widen even more when he felt himself falling off the bed, Diana screamed. Dmitri was now on the ground laying, groaning in pain, while Diana was on top of him laughing. That's when her eyes caught his. His eyes where beautiful but she already knew that. Dmitri smiled at her and she smiled back pressing herself closer to him. He leaned his head in and she leaned hers in. Their lips where just inches away from touching. Diana smiled at him before finally closing the space between them. The next thing she know Dmitri and her where kissing.

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