Bound by death

Remember that she won't go away even if you try. She is forever watching you.


1. Prologue


 It seems like you aren't coming back. 

Angel where have you gone?

To heaven I see, well I need you angel. 

My friend, my sister, my better half, my angel, I need you. 

I can't hide anymore, I can't hide in our joy, because you are gone. 

Come back, she is chasing me. 


I can't deal with this anymore! Am I going insane? Nobody else can see her.

Joy, Death, hallucination, insanity and then death again? Is this a joke? A JOKE?!

She is dead and I got a follower that won't go away, she is like a gum,

a gum under my shoe and she won't go away even if I try scraping her off.


I have learned, She is always watching. 

And it seems like we are Bounded by death.

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