Bound by death

Remember that she won't go away even if you try. She is forever watching you.


2. Chapter 1. She Is watching

I keep seeing these weird pictures in my head. I can't really say what they are all about. I keep thinking the pictures aren't there, but every time I tell myself that, the pictures in my head grow stronger. I keep seeing it, that, whatever was laying on the table in the cathedral. What ever it was, it was not my best friend. 

              Oh, and by the way, I am Anabell, 16 years old, freshman in Brosewater Highschool. And my best friend the one that died, well that's Ana. We were in a car crash and I was the only surviving person in the car. We had just been at at this huge celebration party, Ana had her 17th birthday. yeah, we were wasted, but we were just at a stupid party right, nothing could ever go wrong. Well, hours later she is dead, after that, a week later, my best friend is buried deep down in the cold ground and I am crying. My mom told me I should stay home since my best friend just died, (but I was still grounded for being irresponsible and stupid) but next week I have to go to school. I keep seeing Ana in my sleep you know, the dreams are as real as she never even died and we were still partying every weekend. In my dreams I see that we are laying on the beach and be are being served cold drinks by these really hot guys, and we are having a really good time. And then I wake up, crying and screaming by the pictures in my head that I can't get rid of. And then I see her body in the cathedral, so cold, so white, closed eyes. The bruises from the car crash were still there. They are stuck in my head, can't eat nor sleep properly. School is messed up, non of my past friends want to talk about it, so we kind of just keep our distance. 

                    Well, the show must go on, my mom is forcing me to do my homework while I am absent from school. Math, ughh, This day, this month, year, couldn't have been worse, I am on the edge of falling apart, and still I am being forced to do my math homework, ironic isn't it? They don't know anything, I am falling, falling into the deep ground where my best friend is buried. And no one can save me. Not even myself.

2 days until school

                   I have a couple of days before I have to go to school, and I am being lazy. I keep seeing this girl, she is just there, she doesn't say anything, she is just there you know. In the morning I don't get out of bed before my mom almost bursts' in the door, only because I am too afraid of the thing that is standing in the corner, behind my door, looking down. I can't see her face, and it is annoying me. 

1 day until school

                      Well, I start school tomorrow, I am going to see those horrible and judgmental faces again, and I am not looking forward to it. My mom wants me to get ready, take a shower and all that. It ended up with me only taking a shower and then only walking in pajamas for the rest of the day. I studied myself in the mirror, I saw my face, just a little bit more tired and red eyed than normal. I am pale, red eyed of the crying. My hair is brown with blond ombre, waist long of course, me and Ana saved our hair, treated it well. We decided we wanted the same length and the same colors. We were like sisters you know, sister, ha-ha, when I think about the words, listen to them all over again ''We are sisters, nothing can separate us, not even death''. And then we laughed, and then she died, in a car ''accident''. STUPID! I keep blaming myself for the accident, she was driving, and she was more wasted then I was, I should have driven, I should have.. And every time I get to that line where I say ''I should have'', the shadow stops me from continuing. She says everything is going to be alright. Ana is in a better place, she thinks. The shadow calls herself Ana, ironic since that's what my best friend's name was, I told her that is something you are making up to make me feel better, but she stops, looks up at me and says ''are you doubting me child? I am old, older then you are, and I have more experience than you. In a matter of fact, I am your only friend for the moment'' And then she looks down and disappears. Even tho she doesn't look old, she acts old, and she is kind but strict. Before she died I think those people that took care of her didn't treat her that well. she has bruises all over her body, she is thin, skin and bones to be exact but I can't really tell since she is wearing this really over sized dress. She told me that me and her have this connection that nobody can break, but the last time I heard something like that she died, and I never saw her again.

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