Okay is not enough

Sierra has no friends, she's bullied by the queen bee and her minions and to top it off she's suicidal. All she needs is someone to talk to but no one ever comes... until the last moment


2. Meeting him

I walked back home from visiting our tree, I'd been there for almost five hours. School should be out by now. I opened the front door and was halfway up the stairs,

" Sierra  get down here RIGHT NOW!"

just great,"Coming!"

i walked into to the living room to see my mother fuming with. Anger and my dad just sitting there nonchalantly.


" why did you skip school on the FIRST DAY!!"

" I told you making friends isn't easy when you get beaten everyday!"

" Why can't you be more like your sister!! You're such a disappointment why couldn't it just be you who got hit by the truck!" 

As soon as she said it she regretted it 

" oh honey I didn't mean that I-"

" just be quiet!"

i ran up the stairs into my room and into the bathroom attached to my room and opened my medicine cabinet and reached for my blade. I cut three deep cuts on my wrist and just laid there and cried myself to sleep.

- next morning-

i woke up to my alarm in my bathroom. I changed into my clean uniform and left. I didn't bother to wait on my mom I just walked to school even if it is "dangerous"

i walked to my locker safely, got my books safely, and got to first period safely. Ok this is just weird. I sat down in the back of the classroom and waited for class to start. The bell rung and everybody came in I clouding Britney.

"okay everyone sit down. Today we will begin with book talks where you say the title and theme of the book give a short description and your favorite part. How about we start with… Sierra"

dammit! Why me, I hate speaking in front of class because Britney always has to crack jokes during my presentations.

i got up and went to the front of the class about to speak but then this boy who I'm guessing is new came in.

"sorry I'm late, I got lost"

" it's ok. Mr…"

" caniff. Taylor caniff"

"yes mr caniff please take a seat by Sierra she's right here about to present but her desk is right over there" 

"ok thanks"

"you can start now sierra"

"ok the book that I read was called the fault in our stars. It's about this girl named hazel grace Lancaster who has terminal thyroid cancer and her parents thinks she's depressed so they take her to a cancer support group , she totally hates it at first but then Augustus waters comes. He is a survivor of osteosarcoma which also caused his leg to have to get cut off and all throughout the story they have their little romance. I recommend this book to people who like drama, and romance. My favorite part of the book was when hazel grace and Gus where outside of the support group talking and they say Isaac and his girlfriends making out and saying always, and then Gus says maybe okay will be our always. And lastly the theme of this book is that some infinities are greater than other infinities, what I mean by infinities is lifespans. Some of us are blessed with those greater infinities and some of us have those smaller infinities like hazel grace or any other kid with cancer. but it's what you choose to so in life that can make that little infinity so much more."

everyone except brittney and her little minions clapped, even that new kid taylor clapped.

"Excellent explanation sierra, i couldnt have said it better myself!"

" thanks"

"ok up next is... Brittney"

only her minions clapped for her

" OK the book that i read was the help.."

she actually read that, hm thats surprising

" Its about these black maids and some stuck up white girls and how these maids struggle and stuff and like i totally dont see why these maids cant get a different job like cleaning is just so dirty eww!"


"anyway i recommend this book to people who like to clean. my favorite part was when that one lady ate her maids shit"

" Language ms stone"

" Whatever, and the theme of this book is to get a better job than housekeeping"

again nobody clapped except for her minions

mr warner just shook his head. after that i just drowned everything out and went to sleep because i could honestly care less about this

-at lunch-

today was chili day, yay my favorite.

i sat down by myself as usual but then i felt a presence next to me. i looked up and saw it was the new kid. taylor.


"hey i was wondering, you did the presentation on the fault in our stars right?"


"i love that book the only thing i didnt like about it was the okay part"

" how that was my favorite part!"

i was kind of offended by him already

"its just that, to me okay is not enough, they make it seem like professing their love for eachother like saying i love you forever and always is a cliche but if you really love someone saying i love you shouldnt be a problem"

"but they mean that nobody can live forever since oblivion is inevitable so saying i love you forever is false"

"But hazel grace said it herself ignore oblivion god knows everybody else does, well why cant they ignore it when it comes to love"

he's right, i guess since i didnt respond he thought he was right which he was so he smirked. omg he is so cute when he smirks, wait what am i saying i dont like him do i?

(a/n i dont particularly think this of okay. i actually think them saying okay is their own cute little thing)


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