Meeting Their True Loves..... (The Vamps Fanfiction)

Kelsey and Abby go to London for a few days but end up staying longer due to meeting four guys that will mean the world to them....


3. Part 3

They finally arrived at Tristan’s place 20 minutes later, when they got there Connor and Brad were waiting outside for them ‘here let me take that for you’ Connor said as he took one of Abby’s bags from her.

‘Oh, thank you’ Abby said as she followed him into the house

‘Here Kelsey, let me take one of yours for you’ Brad said as he walked over to Kelsey

‘Thanks, take this one but be careful it has my laptop in it’ Kelsey warned as she passed him the bag.

When they got inside Connor and Abby were deep in conversation, Tristan took both of Kelsey’s bags and took them upstairs, James got Abby’s and followed Tristan.

‘What are you two talking about?’ Kelsey said as she sat down next to Abby.

‘Nothing much, just this and that’ Connor replied

‘Where are my bags?’ Abby said

‘I’ve taken them upstairs, I was going to say something but you were busy talking, sorry’ James said as he sat down on the floor near Connor.

‘Where’s Brad and Tris?’ Connor ask looking around the room

‘Tris is upstairs sorting out one of the rooms for the girls if they don’t want to join us down here, and Brad is…. I don’t actually know unless he went upstairs’ James explained ‘any way Kelsey aren’t you going to tell us your friend’s name?’

‘This is Abby, my friend….. better?’

‘Hello Abby I’m James’

‘Hey, so what are you guys going to be doing tonight?’ Abby asked

‘Well we are gonna be doing a late night twitcam, then we’re gonna do a follow spree’ Brad said walking into the room, followed by Tristan.

‘You don’t have to stay down you can go upstairs to bed if you want, I’ve sorted out a room for you’ Tristan said

‘I think we should stay up, because then we can help you do the follow spree after’ Abby suggested

‘Do you know what, that is a good idea Abby, you two can take over the band account for us while we do it from our personals’ Brad said as he wrote down the plan for the night.

‘Oh before I forget, Kelsey, go take your makeup off, you have to prove something’ Tristan said with a cheeky smirk on his face.

‘No, please don’t make me take my makeup off, I look hideous without it on’ Kelsey pleaded

‘Nope, take your makeup off I’ll be the judge of whether you are or not’ Tristan said helping Kelsey up ‘shall I show you where the bathroom is?’

‘Yes please, I suppose you best’ Kelsey said defeated

‘C’mon then, I want proof that you are hideous because I don’t believe you’

Tristan and Kelsey went upstairs, where Kelsey went into the bathroom to take her makeup off to prove Tristan wrong, ten minutes later Kelsey slowly opened the bathroom door to see that Tristan was stood waiting for her.

‘So which part of your face is supposed to be hideous, because I’m failing to see it’ Tristan said as Kelsey slowly walked out of the bathroom towards him

‘All of it, how can you not see it’

‘Look Kelsey you are beautiful, I’m hiding your makeup while you stop here, c’mon lets join the others and prove to them that you are beautiful without makeup’

Kelsey allowed herself to be lead down the stairs and back into the living room where the others were, setting up for the late night twitcam and follow spree.

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