Meeting Their True Loves..... (The Vamps Fanfiction)

Kelsey and Abby go to London for a few days but end up staying longer due to meeting four guys that will mean the world to them....


2. Part 2

When they finally got up to the room they found Abby, Kelsey’s best friend sat in her PJs listening to music, ‘Hey Abby look who I bumped into while I was looking for a costa’ Kelsey said as she walked over to sit next to Abby.

‘Wow, aren’t you the lucky one, how come he is here?’ Abby said sarcastically

‘I was wondering if you’d like to join me and the others at mine for the duration of your stay?’ Tristan quickly said to save Kelsey

‘Really? I would love to, Kelsey why didn’t you just say so?’

‘I was going to but Tristan beat me to it, c'mon let’s get packing’ Kelsey replied as she walked over to her stuff and started packing.

‘James has just text, he’s out front waiting for us’ Tristan said five minutes later as he put his phone away.

‘OK, I’m done what about you Abby?’

‘I just need to jump out of these and put something else on, won’t be a minute’ Abby replied grabbing a handful of clothes and running into the bathroom.

‘Abby c’mon we don’t want to keep James waiting too long’ Kelsey shouts after ten minutes have passed

‘Here let me take some of your stuff down to James while Abby changes’ Tristan suggests

‘Okay, wait down there we shouldn’t be that long, take my two bags, we’ll bring down Abby’s when she’s done’ Kelsey said as she gets her two bags and hands them to Tristan.

‘Okay, see you in five…. Maybe ten?’ Tristan said as he walked out of the hotel room

‘Abby you decent I need to fix my makeup’ Kelsey shouted through the bathroom door

‘Yer I’m just doing my hair you can come in’ Abby shouted back

**With Tristan and James**

‘Kelsey is waiting for Abby, they are gonna bring the last two bags down with them when they come down’ Tristan explained as he handed one of Kelsey’s bags to him

‘What was Abby doing when you left?’ James asked sounding curious

‘She went into the bathroom to get changed from her PJs’

The boys leant up the car what felt like for ever but it was only fifteen minutes when Kelsey and Abby appear through the front doors of the hotel.

‘Sorry it took so long, someone had to fix her makeup and her hair, so don’t blame me if we took for ever’ Abby said as she gave her bags to James.

‘Why do you need to wear makeup? I bet you are really pretty without all that makeup on’ Tristan said to Kelsey as she got into the back of the car.

‘No I’m not I’m hideous, I need my makeup I look horrible without it’ Kelsey replied

‘Prove it, when we get back to mine take off you makeup and prove that you look hideous underneath it.

‘Fine I will do’ Kelsey said back, and then there was silence in the car for the rest of the duration of the car journey.

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