Meeting Their True Loves..... (The Vamps Fanfiction)

Kelsey and Abby go to London for a few days but end up staying longer due to meeting four guys that will mean the world to them....


1. Part 1

It was a hot summer's day and Kelsey was wondering round London looking for a Costa café. She saw a Starbucks, but was determined to find a Costa café. As she walks past Starbucks a blonde boy walks out and bumps into her 'oh I'm so sorry, I wasn't looking I was going, I didn't hurt you did I?' he was so sweet about walking into her 'no I'm okay, thank you, erm do you know where I could find a Costa café?'

'Yer, I can take you there, what are you getting from there?'

'A sticky toffee creamy cooler, I love them, I haven't had one in a while so I have made it a mission to go and get one' Kelsey said, she suddenly realised that this guy looked like Tristan from The Vamps.

'Oh my gosh! That is my favourite drink from Costa'

'Does this mean we are now best friends?' Kelsey replied giggling

'Haha yes, oh my name is Tristan, what's yours?' that was it she knew it, he was, but wow he looked hot close up.

'I'm Kelsey, aren't you the drummer from The Vamps?'

'Yes I am, are you a fan?'

'I thought you were, but I didn't want to say, and yes!'

'Well then my new best friend lets go to Costa, and get these drinks' they walked around the corner and there was a Costa *now why didn't I just carry on walking, but if I had I wouldn't be here with Tristan* Kelsey thought to herself. 'Here we are you wait here I'll go get them'

'Hey Tris, usual?'

'Yes, but two today, I have a friend with me who would like one to'

'Right away'

It seemed like forever before Tristan appeared with the drinks. 'Here you go, do you live here in London?' as they started to walk back towards Starbucks.

'No I'm visiting here for four days; me and my friend are stopping at the hotel down the road'

'So how long have you been here so far?'

'Just the one night, we have another three nights left'

'I know we've only just met but do you and you friend want to join me and the lads back at mine for the last three nights? We can call it a big sleepover'

'Okay, but let's go get my friend, and my stuff' just then they got back to Starbucks and the rest of the lads came out, and headed straight towards them.

'Hey Tris, whose this beautiful being?' James said as they got closer to them.

'This is Kelsey, Kelsey this is James, Connor and Brad'

'Hey boys' Kelsey said smiling at them all.

'Do we get hugs?' Connor asked

'Erm yer okay sure' Kelsey replied leaning in for a hug then going to James and Brad to hug them.

'Me and Kelsey are going back to her hotel to pick up her friend and her bits then they are going to join us for the next three nights if that's okay with you?'

'Yer that's fine, we'll go set up then and see you in a bit, oh are we still gonna do the twitcam tonight?' Brad asked.

'Hell yer, the girls can help us out, I have a little job for them' Tristan replied as he took Kelsey's arm and walked away.

It seemed a short walk back to the hotel, 'do you want to come up with me?' Kelsey asked as the entered the hotel.

'Erm, yer, your friend might believe you if I go with you' Tristan replied smiling.

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