Tommy Tomlinson

Why me? Why? Louis just had to go and get me pregnant! On top of all of this crap, I decided to leave. I've always been one to run from my problems. Only Liam knows where I went and why. And I would like to keep it that way, thank you very much. A few years later I have a beautiful baby boy. Well he isn't really a baby anymore. He's my little boy, that sounds good. Tommy Tomlinson. That's right, TOMLINSON.


8. Chapter 8

Louis' POV


After breakfast I went to go take a shower. I pass Emily in the kitchen while she is washing the dishes.

An idea pops in my head.

I go from behind her and wrap my arms lazily around her waist, leaning my chin on her shoulder. 

Deja Vu

I feel her tense up under my touch. 

"Hey baby, wanna join me in the shower?" I ask in a low voice.

"Hm, let me think. No." She says, then wriggles out of my touch. Her hips rub into mine as she moves away, and I let out a throaty moan. 

"Oh yeah baby, right there!" I say. 

Emily stops moving, turns around, and thwacks me on my for head. 

"Ow! What was that for?!" I exclaim, letting her go and backing up so I can look her in the eyes. 

"I'm not something you can play with. You put a living and breathing baby inside of me." She glares at me. 

"Hey! I didn't mean to! And you're the one who left! I would've loved to have watched Tommy grow up but you had some weird idea in your head that I would hate you!" And here we go. First fight after not seeing each other for years. 

It's a good thing Tommy went upstairs to play with his toys. 

"It would've ruined your career! You wouldn't have time for me and Tommy! You barely had time for me as it was!" She screamed. 

Right after she said the last sentence, she put her hand over her mouth, eyes wide at what she just admitted. Tears began to freely run down her face as she runs up the stairs. 

I don't chase after her, because I need to think of what just happened. I really didn't have time for her, did I? 

Oh my gosh. 

It's MY fault she left. 

What have I done?


{Hey Guys! I didn't update, cause you didn't comment! 

I said I would update with 5+ comments and I didn't get that so oops! 

Also, schools starting soon AND my brother just got surgery so yup! 

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