Tommy Tomlinson

Why me? Why? Louis just had to go and get me pregnant! On top of all of this crap, I decided to leave. I've always been one to run from my problems. Only Liam knows where I went and why. And I would like to keep it that way, thank you very much. A few years later I have a beautiful baby boy. Well he isn't really a baby anymore. He's my little boy, that sounds good. Tommy Tomlinson. That's right, TOMLINSON.


4. Chapter 4

Louis' POV

She is in my arms. Finally. After so many years I have her with me. To be honest, I had expected her to push me away or run farther, don't get me wrong! I love this outcome of it all but I expected it to be different. I missed her so much!

Maybe, just maybe, she missed me enough to allow me to stay in her life. 

Emily's POV

It's been to long since the last time I held onto him, or he held onto me. I've missed his hugs, his kisses, his touch- No Emily. He doesn't know he's the father, but when he finds out, HE will run away from YOU this time. I hastily let go of him and wiped away the tears on the sleeve of my shirt. 

He looks at me with a worried glance. I know eventually he will want to know the things I don't want to, but have to answer. I just hope not soon. 

"Emily, are you okay?"  He asks quietly. I nod, hoping he won't carry on. 

"Who's the father? " Darn't. Spoke to soon.

I decided to take the sympathy way, speak quietly and sadly.

"Are you sure you want to know?"

 "Positive." He flatly replied giving me a look saying 'Tell me now or I will go back upstairs and force it out of the boys. Because I have a feeling one of them knows about this'

Wow, he's good.

"Okay, are you ready?" 

"SPIT IT O-" I interrupt his screaming. 

"YOU LOUIS TOMLINSON! YOU ARE THE FATHER OF THIS BEAUTIFUL BOY NAMED THOMAS LUKE TOMLINSON!" I'm glad that the whole downstairs of the library is empty. He looks at me, silently burning his eyes into me. It feels like minutes before I am able to build up to courage to finish. I decide to take that sympathy approach again.

"Louis, I know you are mad at me and I'm sorry. But you can make a decision to stay with us to be a father, or walk out of this library and pretend this never happened." This doesn't necessarily mean me and him are going to get back together, but that he will be there for Tommy.  


"Emily, I-" I interrupt him because I know where this is going.

"It's fine. Don't worry about it is fine. I understand." As I start to walk past him and up the stairs I hear a faint "I love you, and I promise to never give up." 

I start to silently cry, because that is what I said to him when we first said 'I love you' to each other, the relationship was getting hard because One Direction was getting more and more famous. 




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