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'Sometimes Secrets Aren't So Friendly'.

~Noel Brookes


7. Chapter 6.

Noel's P.O.V. 


"Wow that was... Amazing but Harry oh my gosh I have a 'Boyfriend'."

''Wait wait wait, you think that I wanna be you boyfriend?'' -He laughed.

"Wow your so stupid I only kissed you because it was the moment."

''Excuse me!"

''Wow you're dumb." -He scoffed.

"Well I am gonna go.."

He left,







Alexis' P.O.V.

Today at school, Noel wasn't in any of her classes and Harry was going around school with a rumor saying they kissed?! I mean like what is going on? Ugh.

Today in Spanish we had to do a project with a partner about them and there life, guess who got paired with Noel.. Yeah. Harry. I am pretty sure Noel went home and cried herself to sleep so I will tell the gang we should leave her and go to the park after school.


Harry's P.O.V.

Noel wasn't at school so she probably went home. Maybe I hurt her feelings because to be honest 

I liked the kiss and I was only wanting to see her reaction.

I know stupid right?

Well I have a project with her so I am going to her house to see her.

**At Noel's House**

I was at Noel's huge ass house and was about to knock on her door until I heard a cute little girl saying: "Mommy mommy I want icecweem.'' And then I think it was Noel saying: ''Okay Florence just one second'' -She sounds ... sad?

I thought Noel was an Orphan. Wait don't tell me.

Instead of knocking I just barged in and to see Noel...





Breast Feeding.

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