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'Sometimes Secrets Aren't So Friendly'.

~Noel Brookes


14. Chapter 12

>Noel's Outfit>


Noel's POV

I wake up to hear things crashing and falling. I hear Cameron's voice. 

"God, you klutz! You woke her up!" I hear a girl giggle and reply: " Sorry boo." I open my eyes and see Selena quickly kiss Cameron's cheek. "Eww." I say as I get up. "Love birds." I get up and walk to the bathroom.

After freshening up I walk into my room. Alice is in my closet. "Umm babe? What are you doing?"  She laughs and pulls out the sweater my Grams got me for my sweet 16. "It's hideous, I know. I had to wear it the week she stayed with us. But what are you doing?"

She turns to me with a smug grin. "I'm picking out your outfit for "the mall date" with Sir four nipples." We both laugh for a while before returning back to my closet. "Maybe this?"

I pull out my black and white oversized jersey. Alice gasps. "With a pair of black jeans. And.." She reaches for the top shelf and grabs my black and white snapback says "LEGIT", on it. "And this snapback." She hands me the clothes and I laugh. "You should be a fashion designer." We both laugh. "I should shouldn't I?" 

I pull off my pj's and I see Alice cringe. "What?" I ask with a chuckle.

"We'll have to stop at Victoria's Secret as well.." I laugh and roll my eyes. "Sure."

I pull on my outfit and grab my black high tops.

"Well I gotta go. I can trust you to do your makeup right?" Alice says playfully. "Hahaha. Bye babe." We hug and she walks out the room. I look in my full body mirror and smile slightly. "Not bad Noel.."

I pull on my shoes and do my makeup. Soon after I finish I get a text. I open the text app and I see two messages. One from Harry and the other from Alice. I open the one from Alice. "Send me a pic of your makeup bae :)"

I laugh to myself. I take a quick selfie and send it to her. She never replies right away so I just read  Harry's message. "Meet me at the fountain outside of the mall. 10:00." I look at my clock. "Oh my gosh!! It's 9:41!" I grab my wallet and run downstairs.

"Cam, can you drive me to the mall?" I yell from the kitchen. "Sure! Grab my keys for me?" I grab his keys off the dinner table and we walk out.


I walk a bit closer to the mall and look and the big clock tower. It's 10:06. I look over to the fountain and see Harry standing there. He runs his fingers through his hair looking stressed. Wow, he must really have wanted to see me.. Kinda creepy if you think about it. But then.. kinda sweet. I smile at the thought and walk over to him. His eyes land on me and he smiles, his dimple popping out.  "So.. Why couldn't we meet inside again..?"

He smiles his cute child like smile.  "Because we aren't staying here." My eyes widen realizing we'll be alone if we go somewhere else. "Uhh wh-what. No. We have to stay here. At the mall. Where e-everyone is.."

He frowns and looks confused. "Why..?" I remember that I promised Alice that she could take me shopping. "I um.. promised Alycia she could take me shopping.. Yeah that's why." He sighs and nods. That was too close.

Way too close..

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