Who should it be?

A 19 year old girl, Ashely runs away from home and ends up to be in a house that she may not believe. What will happens if she sees five boys and falls in love... Who should it be?...��


15. feelings (chapter fifteen)


I was in a dark place I tried to get out I couldn't move my whole body I was trapped in a dark dark place.


"Gosh Zayn! If you never ever even cheated on her this wouldn't happen dumb butt!" I yell. "It's not my fault and I never cheated on her! Gosh I never liked her anyways she's such a big fat jerk!" Said zayn. "She was my friend and I can't BELIVE you did that too her gosh!" I said running out the door. "I don't care!" Yelled Zayn.


I don't care about ASHLEY I care about sweet little perrie! Don't they understand. "Zayn you did a bad thing and I can never forgive you for this" said my mom. "Mom?" I askd while she was crying. "You dad left me and went up to heaven and ASHLEY she was like a daughter to me Zayn! A daughter!" Said my mum and ran out the door. Gosh I messed this up but I don't care. "Zayn?" Asked Louis in a nice way. "Hey Louis thx for being nice the rest are just.." I said before Louis cut me off. "You lost your band mates too!" Yelled Louis in my face. "What do you mean" I said while they were gone.

Hope you enjoyed by the way zayns dad died along time ago!😔


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