Who should it be?

A 19 year old girl, Ashely runs away from home and ends up to be in a house that she may not believe. What will happens if she sees five boys and falls in love... Who should it be?...��


13. chapter thirteen


OMG! I Am so excited fire our date. I need to call Eleanor over so she can give me a perfect make over. After I called her I was about to take a shower until someone knocked on the door. "Come on!" I yelled. "Hey sweet heart!" Said Zayn. "Hey Zayn!" I yelled and hugged him tightly while he hugged me back. "So I was wondering if I can ask you something?" Asked Zayn. "Of course!" I said. "Can we change our date to lunch. And we can see each other until then?" He asked. "Uh ok. Whatever u say! You should go now!" I said. "Ok see ya at lunch bye." He said. "Bye" I replied. After I took a shower, I was on my bed waiting for Eleanor. It was already 10:00. After I heard the door knock. "Come in!" I yelled. "Hey girl let's quickly get u ready" she said pulling me into the bathroom. After I was done getting ready, it was 11:30. Zayn said he will pick me up at 11:45. I was really lucky to have Eleanor as my designer. I wore a lace, white, crop top, with a light mint height waisted skirt. I paired my outfit with white converse and a bun with a creamish bow. At 11:45 I heard the door knock. I knew it was Zayn! I opened the door and saw walaiya. It was Zayns oldest/younger sister. "Hi! Walaiya!" I said "who are you and what are you doing in my room?" She asked. "I know your are back from camp but you need to know something! I'm zayns girlfriend!"

After explaining

"So sorry u said those mean things to you!" Said walaiya. "Oh it's ok! Me and Zayn are about to go on our date now" I said happily. "Oh... I need to tell you something ashley" said walaiya frowning. "What is it?" I asked. "Um... Zayn told me to tell you that he's breaking up with you because he found a new girl. Her name is Perrie from little mix. She sings. She is downstairs with Zayn right now and they are about to go out to a restaurant." Said walaiya. When I heard those words come out of her mouth my heart raced. I fell to the ground letting tears form out of my eyes. I screamed until waliaya took me to the bed and locked the door. I was crying all long until I fell asleep.


Whils I was opening the door to Perrie so she and I can go out, I heard a scream coming from walaiyas room. Everybody rushed upstairs. When I tried to open the door I noticed it was locked. "Walaiya open the stupid door!" I yelled. "No Zayn!" Yelled walaiya.


"Why would I open the door to the person who hurt Ashley's feelings, why?" I asked. "Look walaiya! I didn't mean to! I just found another girl in my life!" He yelled. "What the fries is wrong with you!" I asked. "Nothing is wrong with me! He yelled. Just don't tell anyone!" Yelled Zayn. "Walaiya listen to Zayn don't tell anyone!" Yelled my mom in a quiet way. "Like I care! I already call Louis, Niall, Liam, Harry, and Eleanor!" I said. "I hate you!" Yelled Zayn! I felt like there was somebody behind me while I was waiting for everybody to come. So I turned around. There I saw Ashley standing there with a knife close to her neck.

Sorry about that guys! I has to cut it off. What do you think ASHLEY is going to do with the knife? Comment down below what you think!


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