Who should it be?

A 19 year old girl, Ashely runs away from home and ends up to be in a house that she may not believe. What will happens if she sees five boys and falls in love... Who should it be?...��


6. chapter six


After they all say down with us, I wondered where Ashely was... Then I told the group "I'm going to go see where Ashley is... And Harry.." "Ok lad" said Liam. When I went to check on them, I heard laughing in Harry's room. I first wanted knock on the door but then I just opened it wide open. Then I saw Harry and Ashely sitting right in front of me staring with big eyes.


When me and Ashley were making funny faces we heard the door went open. Then me and Ashley saw Zayn standing there with his mouth dropping and a mad look on his face.

Hey guys it's your girl sam and what do you think Zayn is going to do to Harry? If you want to be Ashley's cousin that is coming from Australia comment down below and answer these questions!

-hair colour

-eye colour



-dark skin, white skin, or normal

Sorry I'm not being racist or anything I love everyone of you I just need to know more about you so you can enter bye!

~lots of love Sam

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