Who should it be?

A 19 year old girl, Ashely runs away from home and ends up to be in a house that she may not believe. What will happens if she sees five boys and falls in love... Who should it be?...��


5. chapter five


I knew the perfect place to take them, to One Direction! "Sweetie be back at eight ok?" Asked my mum. "Yea mum got it!"I yelled. "Zayn wait up, me and Ashely are coming!" Yelled Safaa. I pulled the door to the passenger seat for Safaa to sit in. I pulled the back seat for Ashley to sit in. I ran to the other side opened my door and sat down. I started the engine and then we went to the band.


When Zayn was driving I had no clue where we were going. I was to scared to ask him because... He was my crush. Then I asked him "Where are we going Zayn?" "Somewhere." He said. "Ooh ook??" I said. As we drove on the drive way to the flat, I said "Unbuckle up!" We got out of the car and rang the door bell. Somebody opened it and that somebody was my lad, Harry! "OMG!" Said Ashley and Safaa.


When I realized we were at the flat where one direction LIVES I litterly screamed and hugged Harry! "This is such a great surprise!" I said. "I know right!" Yelled Safaa. "Oh, fans, well come in then." Said Harry giggling. As we went in the flat I was so surprised to see Louis, Liam, and Niall sitting down! Me and Safaa were so happy. I have no clue why Safaa was happy because she got to see them mostly every single day. "Who's this Zayn?" Said Louis while hugging Safaa and look at me. "I don't care but hi I'm naill!" Yelled Niall from across the room. "Hey mate did you get a girlfriend?" Asked Liam. "Oh, no she's just a four year older friend of Safaas!" Said Zayn blushing. "Introduce your self Safaa." Said Zayn. "Hi my name is Ashley and no need to say your names!" I said giggling. "Can I tell you something?" Asked Niall. "Sure" I said. "Your hot" said Niall. I just blushed and ran to the wash room.

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