Who should it be?

A 19 year old girl, Ashely runs away from home and ends up to be in a house that she may not believe. What will happens if she sees five boys and falls in love... Who should it be?...��


18. chapter eighteen


"Why the hell did you break up with her!" I asked Louis. He was out of his mind. "I was going to ask her out that's why!" He replied. I was so mad right now. While I was reading my book waiting for everyone to be finished Eleanor came by. "Eleanor!" Yelled Louis. "I'm not Here to see you I'm here to see ASHELY got that!" Yelled Eleanor and went inside. By the look of Louis face he looked guilty.


I was so happy to see everyone but this reminded me of my mom. She cut herself with a knife too. If only I died I would've get to see her. But God saved me for a reason. I heard feet coming towards me. I slightly opened my eyes. "Eleanor!" I yelled. "Hey Ashely how r ya?" She asked. "I'm good. But where is Daniel he was supposed to come with you?" I asked. "Who's Daniel?" Zayn asked peeping from the door. "Excuse me that's me me" said a person behind Zayn. "Daniel!" I yelled😋.

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