I sat one day in class and looked at a book. To say it in a nice way, the book was destroyed. I imagined what it would feel like to be that book, to be devastaded whilst people just stared at you. No one trying to help you.
I felt sorry for the poor book and wanted it to be remembered by writing this poem.


1. Book.

My pages are ripped

my cover is torn

I gave you all my trust

but you killed it with you thorns


You were my lover

my friend and my demon

I loved you so much

but you left me for no reason


You told me to die

that I wasn’t good enough

but you shall never see my tears

I’ll just have to act tough


Now a Thousand Voices

hunts me every night

I can barely stand it anymore

I don’t want to lose this fight


But I am truly thankful

I just wrote the last chapter

of a story I created

called “My Love For You Was Disaster”


You turned my life

into a book

made me skip some pages

afraid to look


I’ll rip out the chapters

involving you

goodbye to my demons

They never told the truth

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