Coffe Shop

but love conquers all right?


1. one

"Can I get another cup of coffee please?" Asked Tom, one of my normal customers. "Yeah sure." I said before quickly grabbing the coffee pot and, pouring the old man some coffee.

"How's the wife?" I asked, leaning on the counter separating me and him.

"She's alright. Getting a little weaker but, I hope she'll be fine." I gave him a sad smile before turning away and starting another pot of coffee.

Tom was a 77 year-old man. He was going to retire a few years back but, then he wife got sick and he needed money for the medical treatment. He works at a wood shop, teaching kids about woods and what nots that are important to him. He works as hard as he could, that you could practically see the growing wrinkles on his hands. His boss is hard on him. I sometimes feel bad for him because his kids aren't there for him and his wife, June, who I met and is, actually, really sweet. He always comes over to the café to have a few cups of coffee before heading home.

"Can you go waiter table 5?" Karen, my boss, said.

I quickly dusted my hands off my apron, grabbed a note pad, and got to table 5."Hello, I'm Amanda and I'll be your server for the evening, can I start you with some drinks?" I asked the four boys sitting in the couch-table next to the wall. They were all laughing before they saw my presence and calmed down.

"Can I get a strawberry lemonade please?" Asked one of the guys with blondish-brown hair. I quickly wrote it down before looking up at the others, wondering what they wanted to drink.

"Yeah, Michael and his lemonade." Said a guy with curly hair-I suspected because he had a fedora on top of his head. They all started laughing while I just awkwardly stood there, waiting for them to let me get on with my day.

After they calmed down the same boy-with the fedora on- decided to speak up. "I'll just have a cup of water please." I wrote down and looked up, for what felt like the hundredth time, waiting for someone else to tell me the drinks they wanted served.

"Cal and I will have a soda please." One guy with a lip ring said. I assumed 'Cal' was the one with dark black hair, who hasn't done anything but laugh.

"Okay I'll be right back with your drinks and some menus." I said while writing down the last order and flashing a smile before walking away.

I wasn't one of those 'fake' waitresses,I really did love my job. I loved working at the café. I mean being a 20 year-old collage student and having a job was actually not as bad as people think it is. I've made so much friends and met a few special people.

Getting the lemonade ready, and pouring the soda and water into cups before putting my dark hair up into a tight pony-tail and my bangs, as usual, in the front covering my eyebrows. I caught the so-called 'Cal' glancing at me, I quickly looked away and brushed it off. As I got the menus, I picked up the drinks that were set in the tray, grabbed 4 menu's and went to the table.

"Here's your lemonade," I said setting it down in front of who I believed was Michael. "your cup of water," setting it in front of fedora guy. "and here's your sodas," I said placing the two cups in front of 'Cal' and the guy with a lip ring. "Here are your menus, just call me when you decide." I said, placing the menus on the table.

"I'm Ashton," the fedora guy said suddenly. "that's Luke, Calum and Michael." Ashton said, pointing to each guy. "I'm Amanda." I laughed, repeating my name and wondering why they were introducing each other to me. "Nice to meet you." I smiled before walking away. Wondering if I just made some new friends.


"So here's your check," I said before placing the check down in front of the boys that introduced themselves to me less then and hour ago,"Is there anything you want before you leave?" I questioned. "No, we're okay, thank you" Luke said. "Okay, well when you're done paying just come and give it to me at the counter." I said, walking away.

Maybe five minutes later Calum came. As he approached he looked..almost nervous? "Here ya go," he said giving me the money, then laughing awkwardly after. "Hey, I was wondering if.." He got cut off with the ring of the bell that is hanging on top of the door. What I saw I couldn't believe my eyes. As my eyes widened I jumped on top of the counter, and quickly ran to the person who just entered.

"Drew!!" My boyfriend who was looking around, probably for me, ruffled his hair before seeing me; ingulfing me into a hug.

"Babe!!" He swung me around before setting me down.

Drew, my boyfriend, has been in Alaska for 2 years,we met when we were studying together in Italy, both studying different things. Me, languages,him, well I don't know how to explain it to be truly honest. He never made any sense explaining it. We kept the long-distance thing because he had a lot of vacations and it wouldn't be hard. We were actually happy.

He was supposed to be back in a few months, but I guess he came in early to see me. That's a heart warmer.

"What are you doing here! You weren't supposed to be here until the Summer ended." I said, smiling widely. Finally realizing how much I've missed the guy standing in front of me.

"I got done early, I've been finishing my credits to come in early and see you." He said, smiling just as wide as me. It's as if, like in the movies, Drew and I just, kinda...melted away from the world. Into another universe. Don't you love that feeling?

Before me replying how sweet he was, Karen said from behind me,"Drew, is it really you?!" Them both, locking into a conversation. Karen met Drew over the 2 years of our dating and they kinda just became friends. Close ones. I knew Karen way before I started here. It's funny how things happen sometimes.

I didn't want to interrupt them, so I went back over to the counter sliding back on top without taking the way around, back to Calum to hear the rest of his sentence. "Sorry," I said, laughing. "That was my boyfriend, Drew as you've heard, also the whole world." Chuckling, I looked back at Calum to find him very confused and, wide-eyed. "You were saying?" I said, him finally snapping out of his daze.

"Oh, yeah, umm, I was just wondering...,actually the boys and I were wondering if you wanted to meet up for coffee with us? I know, weird, but the boys just wanted to, and they asked me since I was coming here..." He continued on rambling, scratching the back of his neck and looking up at me a few, or so times.

"Yeah, sure," cutting his rambling off. He was surprised from my answer, I have no idea why. Well maybe because we met just a few hours ago. "But, considering I work in a coffee shop, I really don't want coffee. I already hate it enough." I added laughing.

"Yeah, yeah, sure." Calum said, finally lightning up and laughing along with me. "Oh, right, I need your number, obviously," an awkward chuckle, before fumbling with his jean pocket and giving me his phone. As I typed in my number, I realized Drew and Karens conversation was over and Drew was leaning on the counter, staring at me. He always did that, whenever I was distracted. I sent a message to myself to have his number in the future. I smiled, saying, "Just call anytime, and we can all meet up. Any day but tonight though." earning a smirk from Drew.

"Yeah, uh, sure," he said coughing awkwardly. "Nice meeting you," he nodded to Drew, before walking out to what I'm assuming is one of the guys car.

"So, how have you been?" Drew asked me just as soon as the door opened, and the bell on top of the door rang. Signaling that Calum has left the building. See what I did there? No? Okay.

"I'm doing better since you've been back." I said with a wink to it. He started laughing. "I'm doing better since I've seen you. Man, Amanda I've missed you so much." Drew was always honest with his emotions, I loved that about him most. Well, maybe not the most because what's there not to love about him? He has chocolate brown hair, his hair has a sort of quiff to it, the most beautiful brown eyes you can get lost in, and a smile, oh that smile. He might be ordinary to most people, but to me he's been my rock. And I plan on keeping it that way.

"I've missed you too, and your hair!" I said, ruffling his hair.

"I'm actually thinking of chopping it off." I gasp.

"I will kill you, with a band-aid!!" He starts laughing.

"With a band-aid?"

"Yes, with a band-aid."

This type of joke-bantering is common in our relationship. I love it.

"Okay, well then, I'll chop mine off, if you do yours." That's when he gasps.

"Okay, okay!! I won't chop it off!" He says, raising his hands as if in he surrenders.

"We're the weirdest couple," I mused.

"Yeah, threatening to kill each other with band-aids, and being in love with each other's hair." He chuckles, me laughing along.

"Yeah you guys are." Karen joins, chuckling along. "Hey, get off work early, go have some alone time you two." Karen tells me and Drew. "I'll just call Trish no bother." She smiles. She isn't the bitchy boss. That's what I love about her. Work was slow anyway so we might have gotten off early.

"Okay, thank you Kare Bear!!" I said grabbing my things getting ready to leave with Drew. They both laughed at my nickname for Karen. I don't know why. I mean it's nice, right?

"Bye!" I yelled back to Karen, her shouting the same response.

Drew and I walked over to my black Armada, quickly getting in before I sped off. Drew came from the airport with a taxi, good thing I decided to get my car.

"So, how's school?!" I asked enthusiastically, we never ran out of things to talk about. Another thing I love about our relationship. "It's good." He said laughing, the thing about us, is that, we're always there for each other. We have ups and downs. Our relationship is mostly laughing, but we can be serious at times. I love him so much.

As I thought those exact words left my mouth, "I love you," I told him looking over, before he intwined our hands together. "I love you so much more." I laughed and told him it's impossible to love me more. That's when the bantering started--again. It stayed that way until we made it home.

That trip was filled with laugh, jokes, and being able to be yourself.


"So, what do you wanna do?" He spoke as soon as we entered my apartment.

"Anything you want." I told him closing the door.

"I have one thing in mind." He said sneaking his hands around my waist. I giggled, before turning around and wrapping my hands around his neck. "I love you." He whispered before kissing me hard on the lips.


A sound from my phone beeped. Stating I have a message. As I took it off the table next to my bed, I was shocked to realize it was Calum.

'Hey! Me and the boys were wondering if we could meet up next Saturday? It's fine if you're busy, but it'll be nice to see you.' I smiled at his text. I quickly texted back:

'Yeah, that's great, text me the details!'

I snuggled back next to Drew's chest, hearing his heartbeat. My naked body pressed to his as I closed my eyes and fell asleep.



I hope you like the book so far!

Leave your opinions below!

Btw Drew is played as Andrew Garfield (I just realized Drew is in his name lol)

Amanda is played as Zooey Chancel

The café setting is liked Karens Café in One Tree Hill but not the exact just the counter

And Karen is played as Sophia Bush bc *_*

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