Ryans Direction

I am Ryan Carter.
You've heard Emily's story. Now it's my turn.
I guess it's my direction.
Ryan's direction. You could call it.
The thing is I've sacrificed things for Emily too. Friends. Fighting. Girls.
She didn't know that I left that behind for her.
Maybe not at first but slowly none of that mattered after a while.
This is the direction of Ryan Carter. I hope you follow along.
Ryan's story to two directions.
Book 2


7. Emily loves me

I drove for a while before stopping for snacks.

Emily fell asleep. She looked so cute I couldn't bear to wake her.

So I went inside.

I looked around for snacks.

Then a heard footsteps behind me. I knew who it was.

He spoke. "You said you wouldn't ever go back."

I sighed. "Dylan I have to."

"No you don't. You want to. Remember last time you were there!" He yelled out making people stare.

"Keep it down." I whisper yelled to him.

He obeyed but with a cold stare.

"I think I love this girl. I need her. But her family-"

"Good. She has a family that loves her. Now drop her home. That will be the end of that." He looked brighter once again.

"No!" I screamed out causing people to look at us once again.

Dylan looked taken back by my outburst. He even looked a little hurt.

But I didn't care at that moment.

He wanted my Emily gone. I couldn't have that.

So I paid for my things. Then I walked outside.

Dylan followed but froze seeing Emily. "Your serious!"

"I am." I spoke not caring if I sounded cold.

I got in the car leaving behind the frozen Dylan.


We pulled up to my parents old beach house. It brought up memories.

I ignored them and focus on a now stirring Emily.

Before I knew what I was doing I kissed her senseless.

It made her awake fully.

We ended up on the couch.

Emily's lips sweet on my own. Her hands reached under my shirt.

Suddenly I got off. She wasn't ready.

When I saw her expression I grunted "Not yet." Then I started to walk to the kitchen.

"What?" Her sweet voice sounded hoarse and dry.

"I said not yet. Your not ready."

"Why not? Don't you have sex with the people you love?" She spoke.

I was shocked and happy. She loved me?

"Y-You love me?" My words got mixed and I fumbled over them.

"Yes I do." She said. Her eyes looked honest.

"B-But we haven't known each other that long." Once again my worlds got a little jumbled.

She stood up and walk towards me. "Well I was once told time doesn't matter. What is time really?"

I pulled her sweet body close to me.

"Well then I love you too." I spoke making her shiver.

Then I kissed her once again.

Then I pulled away to look into her eyes. My beautiful ocean eyes.

I held her fair skinned face in my hands. "I'm going to make love to you tonight."

Then once again I kissed her. This time sweet and loving.

I grabbed Emily setting her a bed. I remembered that bed.

Then I pulled my shirt off.

Her hands touched my bare skin. Her fingers sent chills down my body.

We melted into another kiss.

We deepened the kiss, once again my tongue took over.

Her hands ran in my curls.

One by one our clothes came off until skin was on skin.

Her body was slender. Perfect.

I looked her over. She blushed when she looked me over too.

I headed over to her. Then took her hands in mine.

I met her eyes. They looked nervous. "I will show you how beautiful you are tonight."

Then I pulled her tiny body to mine, so we were touching skin once again.

"I will make you scream my name over and over." I growled.

I kissed down her body, sucking everywhere making her moans louder.

She was lost in the pleasure.

So when she didn't notice my finger, I wasn't surprised.

She screamed. Her head rolled back in desire.

Slowly the screams became moans.

Then I stopped. She whimpered.

I went to get something, when she spoke. "Stop I'm on birth control."

"What?" I growled. Who else had touched her? I'll kill them. Torture th-

Emily spoke again.

"Period." She blushed. I kissed her in relief.

Then I slowly entered her. Then she screamed.

I was going to stop when she shook her head and held my hand.

Then I entered her. Painfully slow.

I started slow.

But I went faster.

Our body's became one.

It was something you'd only experience with love.

The feeling made me love her all the more.

Afterwards we lay in our kind of silence.

We didn't need to speak.

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