Ryans Direction

I am Ryan Carter.
You've heard Emily's story. Now it's my turn.
I guess it's my direction.
Ryan's direction. You could call it.
The thing is I've sacrificed things for Emily too. Friends. Fighting. Girls.
She didn't know that I left that behind for her.
Maybe not at first but slowly none of that mattered after a while.
This is the direction of Ryan Carter. I hope you follow along.
Ryan's story to two directions.
Book 2


1. I love her



I remember it so clearly.

Many of you think I'm stupid for letting her go.

Well your right. I don't blame anyone for hating me.

She was mine. She didn't realize I would never fully be hers.

All the promises were lies.

I knew I was going to hurt her.


I was stuck in between worlds.

My perfect girl.

And My fame.

Now it's too late.

I've already lost Emily.

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