My Vampire Mate

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  • Published: 12 Jun 2014
  • Updated: 6 Nov 2014
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Ella isn't a normal kid, her parents are vampires. She will turn into a full born vampire on her 18 years birthday, but this happens much sooner.
- What's the reason?
- What will happen with Ella?
- Can she control herself?
- Is this a love story, or a death story?
- Read it and you'll see! xp

*WARNING* The story contains sexual stuff + self harming and depressing! :3

It's my own story, no copying please! :D


15. Proulouge

I am truly sorry... not really omg.


No one: 



It have been too long, everyone has been searching for her, everyone have been trying to get her back, to get Louis back from deep hole he has fallen into, but with no luck. The only thing that could get Louis back from the dark is her. But she will never come back. It's Louis's own fault, he was blindness in love with her, but he didn't knew before it was to late.


The boys had nearly the hole world searching for her. But it was long too late. Louis was damaging himself. His heart wasn't all gone just like the pain, he wished, no he begged for her to come back, and heal his heart. He wanted to feel numb, but couldn't, even when he dragged his blade over his wrist; he once read a story about someone who self harmed to get the feeling to go away, But Louis's pain wouldn't. It only got worse.


He got so frustrated, that he kept cutting. "Is my wrist numb?" He thought to himself. To find out he lifted up his shirt and dragged the blade up over his chest, the blood was purring out, he didn't get what he was looking for, he just got more pain.


He threw the blade against the wall, and collapsed on his bed, his surrenders got blurry, tears was streaming down his eyes, and before he knew it he passed out.


The boys found him, and took him to the hospital, they told him to never do that ever again. But it wasn't the last time, not at all.


6 months later Louis had bruises and cuts everywhere on him, literally. It was only his hands, feet and his head there wasn't covered. 


He started doing drugs, only to get it all worse. he started hallucinating her everywhere, he cried every time he saw her, apologizing and begging her for forgiveness. But every time she would just glare at him and vanish. 


That's when he started believing he wasn't worth alive. Nobody wanted him, and with nobody he meant her. He knew that if he ever died, she would die too. But he couldn't do that to her, ever.


It was late night and the boys had left Louis in his mothers hands. They knew about his cutting, they don't believe he would go all the way, that's not how Louis is. He's brave and strong he can handle the pain. What they didn't know was how long he could handle it. They didn't know and still don't know how powerful and dangerous the pain that was against Louis. 


Louis found himself that night curled up in a corner, with his old pal; Mr. Blader. That's what he called his beloved blade. 


Louis didn't wanna live anymore, his mom fell asleep on the couch. He had imagined this in his head, it was now or never. That's how he ended up there, with his over cut arm naked, and Mr. Blader just above it, touching it, wanting to see the blood drip from his veins. 


Then he cut all the way from his wrist to the top of his inside shoulder, he did the same to the other arm. Then he cried, he cried of joy, he's finally free. A weird familiarly sound came from his lips, he hadn't heard this since the day she left; he was laughing. He was finally happy. He kept laughing as the blood from his hole body streamed down on the ground. It was beautiful.


Louis died with smile upon his lips, and a single thought in his head. I'm coming.......... Ella.










oh and sorry for the water eyes, buuut not every story has a great ending so :P


weeeell as I always say/write=





















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