My Vampire Mate

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  • Published: 12 Jun 2014
  • Updated: 6 Nov 2014
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Ella isn't a normal kid, her parents are vampires. She will turn into a full born vampire on her 18 years birthday, but this happens much sooner.
- What's the reason?
- What will happen with Ella?
- Can she control herself?
- Is this a love story, or a death story?
- Read it and you'll see! xp

*WARNING* The story contains sexual stuff + self harming and depressing! :3

It's my own story, no copying please! :D


9. Chapter 8




Earlier that day:


Tomorrow is the day we start the tour up again. I can't wait to see all the Europe fans! It's gonna be epic! So many new countries to see, all the new fans, who probably have been waiting in 2 years for us to come! It's insane! 


I had promised Louis to come and pack with him. He always forgets something, and need someone to check up on it all. Usually it's Harry, but he should out with this new girl... Don't think about it Niall, don't. I hurts to much. Him with another person. It's been so long, yet I haven't done anything.


My alarm clock rings, telling me to get my ass out of the bed, and head over to Louis'.


*At Louis'*


The second I open the door, I feel an abnormal present in the house. Anger and concern filling me, god I hope Louis' alright. I thought I told her clearly enough, That she can't come here, or else.


The moment I open the door my jaw drops. I hadn't expected to see what I saw. The three of them, Louis, Eleanor and her, was sitting ever so peacefully and eating break first together. What the hell is happening?! Why is she here anyway, it should be impossible, how would Louis even get himself to take her in his house for gods sake!? 


Oh yeah, he doesn't know about this, he can't know about this. It would kill him. Oh god what should I do?! He can't have her here. She's going to kill him!


"Good morning Nialler" Louis says looking funny at me. I close the door and walk inside.


I clear my throat while looking over at her, she's looking kinda sick, she's whiter than a vampire should be. "G-good morning" I stutter continuing studying the threat.


"Ella this is Niall, Niall, Ella" Louis stats he sounds kinda pissed off? Why the hell would he be that? The moment I turn to see what the fuck is up with him, I regret coming here in the first place, he looks like he could kill me, I have never seen that look on his face before, it looks like Jealousy? I haven't even seen it the time when that drunk guy started snogging Eleanor. He only laughed it off, now I seriously think he could kill me. What did I do? "But you probably already know that Ella?" He turns his attention back at the vampire, his expression changes from killing mode to a concerned, loving mode. "Are you okay, Ella? You're whiter than normal!" He puts his hand on her forehead. What is going on?! What has she done to him! That bastard! I'm gonna kill her before it's to late!


"I'm fine, Louis" a tiny blush appears on her cheeks? How young is she anyway? She must be newborn, no full grown can do that. That explains everything from that evening.




I had her pinning up the wall, I had her where I wanted too. She was an easy kill, But my past stopped me. It was wrong killing someone even thought I would love it, but I will kill her, if she ever does anything to my new family! So I did was first came to my head and threatened her.


" If you near him again, I will make you disappear, every track of you and your family will be gone and burned"  Just like my own. Telling her this, was the biggest mistake in my hole plan. Her pupils got bigger and covered all of her eyes. Her fangs became visible. Fear washed over me. "Don't you ever mention my family!" her voice sounded like an animal, I was thrown in the opposite wall. An animalistic growl filled the air. She stepped up beside me, bending down she whispered pleased "I could easily kill you right now" her hand travelled up my chest to my chin, were she tightened her grip, she looked my directly in the eyes, it felt like she was gazing my soul "But I wont, you know why?" I didn't answer her, just waited for her to continue, which she did. "I'm not you" She can't know can she? "I can" she stated. "I know everything, how you killed your mom, your dad and your all so sweet little girlfriend, what was she called? Jasmin? yeah, it was Jasmin" tears started Wheeling up in my eyes of the memory. "And you did all of that, for some fucking blood!" She spitted at me.


I didn't live with vampires, my mom and dad was humans. No one knew I was a vampire, I was adopted, I killed my family.. How did she know?


"You're a monster, Horan!" Then she was gone.



*back again*


I need to tell Louis, fuck the stupid law, i'd rather him being alive, with a secret he has to hold, than him being killed by a sick vampire. "Louis can I talk to you for minute?" He takes his hand off of Ella's forehead, giving me a harsh glare. I ignore it


"Talk" He says. Does he have his man period? Seriously!


"Not here" 


"Fine upstairs then" he sighs standing up.


"Neither there" she can hear us, I take that bit out, he shouldn't know now anyway.


Louis turns and looks tired of me already, well that wasn't necessary... "Where then?" His voice is calm, but I can still hear the irritating.


"Follow me" I walk out of the house again heading towards my car. I can hear him groan, and then some low voices I can't make up what they say. 2 minutes later Lou sits in the car, looking both curious and concerned. I start the car and drive out the parking lot. 


"Where're we going?" He asks tapping his food, it makes me sad, that he actually don't wanna talk to me, but I have to hold him here. 


"To the park" he nods leaning back in his seat, continuing his tapping.


We get out of the car, and walk towards the park. "So what is so important, that you need to tell it to me out here?" Louis asks sounding a bit nicer.


"Ehm.. I think we should sit down first" I answer him. We walk over to the nearest bench and sit down.


"Please tell me now, i'm not patient you know" I smile, he's definitely not patient. 


"Can I ask why Ella was in your house?" Louis frowns at my question. He explain that she was homeless, and he wanted to do something good to someone, and decided to let her live with him,  but only till we got back on tour again. Sneaky bitch.


"So she's moving out of the house tomorrow?" 


He nods "Yeah, why are you even asking?" He sounds annoyed again. Well he won't have her near him on purpose, so she just have to keep away from him again. If not, she's over.


"Just... just curious" He frowns again.


"Was that all?" He tense up.


"Ehm yeah..." 


"Why the hell were we driving ALL the way out here then, Niall?!" He nearly screams at me, but holding it down, to avoid people staring.


"I-i'm sorry, I just..." I trail off, yeah I would have told him, but he doesn't have to know now anyway.


"Niall, I can see there's some more!" I don't responds. "Come on Niall! You know you can trust me!" He pleads, getting more curious. 


"FINE! I tell you!" I give up. 


"Thank YOU!" He smirk, enjoying the taste of winning.


"Don't freak out, okay?" 


"Okay" he replies.


"I want you to stay away from Ella, she's danger, like in not good for you" I try. He just raises an eyebrow, his eyes telling me that he knows something. 


"What the hell do you mean?" His mood changing faster than the autumn weather. "She's not dangerous, she's funny and caring, sweet Niall! She hasn't done anything!" He seems weird, laughing a bit too...


"Please Louis, just trust me okay?" He does that weird laughing again, shaking his head.


"No Niall, I don't, not now" he stands up walking back to the parking lot "I'm taking a cap home, don't come" He yells back at me. Well that was weird. Is he on something? 


A creepy thought came to my mind. What if she can control him, make him do whatever she wants. She could see my past, so she could probably control him too.


If I want my new family to be alive, I need to take another life. I don't want to, but if I need too. I will.



No one:


But what Niall doesn't know, is that: If he kills Ella, he will kill Louis too.



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