My Vampire Mate

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  • Published: 12 Jun 2014
  • Updated: 6 Nov 2014
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Ella isn't a normal kid, her parents are vampires. She will turn into a full born vampire on her 18 years birthday, but this happens much sooner.
- What's the reason?
- What will happen with Ella?
- Can she control herself?
- Is this a love story, or a death story?
- Read it and you'll see! xp

*WARNING* The story contains sexual stuff + self harming and depressing! :3

It's my own story, no copying please! :D


8. chapter 7




"Are you okay now El?" I ask, tighten the grip around her, trying to comfort her. nodding she breaks the embrace.


"I just need to use the bathroom" her voice is only a shaky whisper. I can't believe she's so upset about something so stupid, I could never love someone more than her, it's impossible. I let her go to the bathroom, telling her I'm going to start eating with Ella.


I didn't expect seeing what I saw when I got out, but it all happened once again, my heart began speeding up in my chest, and I wanted something or rather someone really bad. My jeans got tighter each second I saw into those shinning blue eyes. I can't take my eyes away, I can feel my body wanting her so badly, but I can't do that. 


I must have been staring a bit, cause her eyes started looking confused. With a shaking hand I motioned to her eyes. "Oh my god, i'm so sorry!" She hurried her hand in front of her eyes. I hear the toilet flush, turning around expecting to see Eleanor soon, I look over my shoulder to see Ella is gone. Looking back again Eleanor comes out the door.


The moment I see her, I soon realize that the way I used to feel when I saw her was gone, I didn't feel all bubbly and happy, her eyes didn't make me go weak in the knees, and her lips that once was inviting and wanted, was now just normal flesh. I don't know what happens to me, I can't just fall out of love, can I do that?


"Where's Ella?" Eleanor asks me, looking a bit to happy about Ella being gone.


"I don't know, she wasn't here when I got in" I lie, then I saw a tiny little smile on her face, which only cursed me to fall a bit more out of love.


"It looks like we have to eat alone then" I avoid eye contact and sit down at the table. Eleanor follows my lead, sitting down on the opposite of the table. Fake smiling I take the cold food on my plate, and start eating. "It's gotten cold, i'm sorry about that"


"It taste good" I say, taking a fork full cold, not delicious noddles in my mouth.


"Shouldn't I put it in the microwave?" As she stands up and grabbing out at my plate, I take the plate and raises my voice:


"NO! No it's fine, I can eat this" she sits down again, looking kinda hurt, but honestly I don't care at all.


"Okay then" we eat in silence, not speaking or looking at each other. I finish up and take my plate, throwing it in the sink. Walking back into the living room, I lay on the couch watching what's on TV. Soon after Eleanor joins me. "What are you watching?"


"Family Guy" She didn't answer me, but just continued watching the show.


An hour or so went by, when Eleanor said goodnight and disappeared to our bedroom. The moment she left, something hit me, Ella! Fuck what was she even doing out there?! Her eyes were shinning... So oh no.  The last time her eyes shone she bite me and drank from my blood, she couldn't do that to someone. She can't kill them. What if she does?! Why haven't I even thought that she, may could kill me or Eleanor, fuck. But she got out of here before anything happened. I don't think she would do that. I trust her. But what if she's about to kill someone right now!? No she couldn't kill someone, I don't think so.


Nervousness and concern rush through me. Tapping my food, I wait for Ella to come home.


It's midnight when the door opens. In comes a new sight. I have never looked at her this way before, she's so beautiful, her movements is so elegant like perfect. Her eyes are a beautiful color of blue, they're not shinning anymore. Her lips are shaped perfectly, I just want to kiss them all day long. 


"Hi" I yawn tired. She smile showing her nice pair of white teeth. 


"Hey" she walks towards the couch where i'm laying.


"So" I start, when she sits down beside me "where have you been?" I ask, hoping she haven't been out hunting innocent people. She swift in her seat, making herself comfortable. 


"Uhm I-I was out ehm.." she trails off.


"You know, you can tell me, I already know your secret" I stat. she clear her throat, looking me in the eyes.


"I was out for blood" I nod signalling her to continue. "My eyes can tell when I need blood, that's why humans get that reaction from them, they are willing to give what they have, if I give them what they most desire in the moment, which is you know sex" jealousy hit me like a hammer, I frown angry at her, so she just fuck someone to get blood? She can't do that! 


"So what you're telling me is that you just fuck people and drink their blood?!" My voice raising with anger and frustration. 


"No! No!" She shake her hands towards me. "It's not like that" 


"What so?" I snap at her.


"I don't do sex, I just take the blood and leave them, or I did" she killed someone?


"You killed someone?" Her head falls down, I see tears falling down on her lap. "You did?" I feel like crying with her, but I keep the tears back, shaking she nods her head.


"Yes, b-but it's l-long time ago"



"Ella I-I don't know what to say I" I didn't think, I just hugged her trying to take away all of her pain. "Can't you drink animal blood" I ask after a while.


"No" she mumbles. 


"But how do you get blood then?"







Should I tell him? I shouldn't but I have to. He have to understand this, I won't kill anyone, but I can't help it. It's my choice, I can tell as much I want to. They don't have to know, they won't kill him. They can't kill him, his mine, they will kill their own kind. I pull back from the lovely hug, feeling a bit cold.


"There's such thing as blood banks, us vampires uses them to get our blood. The government know everything about us. We're in a pact with them. We won't kill humans as long as they keep away from us, and we get the blood we need. They hand it out to us in the banks." He stare at me like i'm crazy, his mouth is wide open, and eyes big as tea cups. I can't help but laugh at him. "Close your mouth you'll catch flies" I laugh. Shaking his head, he closes his mouth, chuckling with me.


"I-I can't believe it!" He says loudly "Where the hell are these blood banks?"


"You probably haven't seen them before, they're out in the woods, about half an hour run away from here" he raises a brow at me.


"But the woods is 100 km away from here?" It comes out more like a question than a statement, but I nod anyway. "B-but how?" He asks dumbfounded, I laugh again remembering he must forgotten my vampire speed.


"Vampire speed" I say in a sing song voice.


"Oooooh!" He lit up "How fast are you?" I smirk, challenge accepted!


"What do want to drink?" I ask smirking. 


"Answer my question!" He grins.


"Answer mine first" I smirk wider.


"Pepsi" I uses my vampire speed, and run out in the kitchen, taking the Pepsi, I run back in the living room again. "WOW!" He takes the Pepsi out of my hand.


"DON'T OPEN IT!" But it's to late, he opens it, Pepsi is everywhere, on our clothes and in our hair lovely! I look up at his surprised face, right away we laugh our asses off.


When we have settled down, we lay on our backs on the floor, looking up at the ceiling. Then he asks me: "Do you need blood like all the time?"


"I don't know, when I smell it, I want it, but I can last 3 days without it before.... No nothing" 


"Yes before what?" He rolls on his stomach, looking down at me. My heartbeat jumping faster than ever, but soon it will never do a single beat, when i'm a full grown vampire.


"Before I can't control it" I answer staring deeply in his eyes. Suddenly he moves closer to me, so close I can feel his breath on my lips. His lips is only centimeters away, when he stops, saying we should go to bed. I nod and stand up from the floor. Sadness and disappointment get me before I get to the room, I can feel Louis' eyes on me, but I don't care now. It was his choice, and I can't kiss a man, when he has a girlfriend, even thought that man is mine. I close the door to my room, taking of my shirt, and going to the bathroom, to take a shower.




Next day

We're sitting at the table eating our break first, when the door opens, relieving no other than Niall James Horan. I'm screwed!

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