My Vampire Mate

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  • Published: 12 Jun 2014
  • Updated: 6 Nov 2014
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Ella isn't a normal kid, her parents are vampires. She will turn into a full born vampire on her 18 years birthday, but this happens much sooner.
- What's the reason?
- What will happen with Ella?
- Can she control herself?
- Is this a love story, or a death story?
- Read it and you'll see! xp

*WARNING* The story contains sexual stuff + self harming and depressing! :3

It's my own story, no copying please! :D


4. Chapter 3

The door knocks again, "I'm coming!" I yell annoyed as hell. I pull the door open relieving Eleanor. She is beautiful, with her pretty big brown eyes, stunning smile who makes my heart flutter, and her cute little nose. She is wearing black skinny jeans and a dark green sweater, her hair is big and curly, just the way I like it. I smile "Eleanor! What are you doing here!" I ask giving her a big bear hug. 

"Hey Louis!" She hugs me back. "The boys called me, you miss me huh?" she gives me a playfully punch on the shoulder.

Pretending to cry I say "Yes, yes I've missed you so much!" Pulling her inside the room, we sit on the bed.

"You know you could have called sooner, and I would be here on cue" this is one of the many things I love about this girl. She's always there for me, no matter what she is doing she comes.

"I could, but I didn't want to be a burden" mostly because I actually didn't miss you that much, and I could sure have waited to the week off. I leave this out, don't need an argument. 

"You wouldn't be!" She assure me. "And I've missed you too" I smile at her, leaning in till I can feel her hot breath on my lips, something twist different in my stomach, it's not like those normal twist I get around her, but a weird one, I can't explain it. I push it away the second her lips connect with mine. 



Why does she have to come here, and just kiss him?!? Yes I know she's his girlfriend, but she's just so.. so.. uurrgh!! She is beautiful and all that, I can't lie, she is. They are happy together, why should this happen?! It's hard enough he's human, but he's also in love with the pretties girl alive. I give up. I am just a freaking monster for gods sake, he's afraid of me. I can see it in his eyes. He will never love me, even though he's my mate and all that, you can't love someone you are afraid of. But you can become one.

I hear laughter from his room, already finishing snogging? "I can't wait to our little week together" our little week, our! week? What week?

"Me neither" I want to cry, give me some blood already! I take a blood bag, I don't have many left, I need to find one of those refilling places. I call them that, but it's called blood donation, people believe they give the blood to patients on hospitals, but most of the blood goes to us vampires. We are pretty badass. 

"Lets watch a movie, i'm tired" I don't wanna hear more of their flirting. I walk out of my hotel room, sniffling air through my nose, a familiar smell hits me. My mouth starts watering, I can't help but follow the smell. The smell leads into room 247. I stand there in front of the door, deciding either I should open the door or not. I found myself reach out for the door knob, but the door opens it self. Using my vampire fart, I run around the corner, out of the door comes none other than Niall Horan. He doesn't look hurt, what happened in there? I know the smell, I am never wrong. Blood. I know, I smelled it. He walks towards me, he hasn't seen me. He wears sunglasses so I can't see if there's the glow. Then he walks past me, and I sure can smell the blood. Is he? He can't be? How?


No one:

Louis woke up, to what he thought was the pretties sleeping face alive, this morning. Tonight is the last concert before their week of. Louis had everything planned for the two of them. It should be just them, in his house having fun. But what he doesn't know, is that Ella will be following him. She will be there, and he will know. But right now he sits in a car, driving to tonights concert. Ella is right behind them, something stops her, a scream, that's coming from an ally. She smells the blood. She hadn't got any blood today, she looses herself right away, her eyes are shining like crazy. The screams of help gets louder, more cries, a man runs out with a purse. Ella doesn't bother to do anything to him, she's dragged by the smell of the figure in the dark. Slowly she walks to it. It's a woman, she wears nothing but blood and bruises. The woman reach out for help. Ella smirks at her, taking her face in her hands. The woman's breath hitch by the suddenly touch. Smiling by the reaction Ella can get, she break the woman's neck without hassle. Ella sets her fangs down on the woman's neck, drains her for blood. She let the body fall to the ground lifeless. Ella smirks at her masterpiece, and disappears right after. 


"Thank you so much!" I yell running out from the scene. Tonight was amazing! The crowd was incredible loud!

"You were amazing up there" I turn around to see Eleanor standing there, looking beautiful as always.

"Thank you" I hug her. She pull away pecking my lips. "Ready to go home?"

Nodding she says yes, we walk out of the building, and take home.


It's the second day of our week, and  I am soon going insane, because of 2 things. #1 I know that girl monster thing is watching me, I can feel it. #2 Eleanor follows me everywhere, I love her, but I can't go on the toilet without her following me, or asking where i'm going, when I stand up from the couch. She's never like that. If it something to do with that thing, I have to tell her to leave me alone. But I can't do that with Eleanor around. She would freak out if she saw her. 


"Eleaanoor" I call out walking into the kitchen, seeing her looking in the fridge.

"We don't have any milk left" she states looking up at me.

"Then buy some, I still need to clean the living room" If she leaves, I can talk to her.

"Don't you wanna join me?" She pleads.

"I would love to, but when you're gone I could make a little surprise?" I really need to talk to her.

"Deal!" She grins, I smile kissing her. 

"See you soon, love" 

"You will" she kisses me the last time, heading out for the milk. 

I walk up to my room, closing the door behind me. Nervousness catches me, I take a deep breath, it's now or never. "I know you're here" I sit on the bed "we need to talk" the bed suddenly tips beside me.

"Hi" Something inside me moves different than before. That little sweet voice didn't fit with the monster that almost killed me that day. I look over at the person, it sure is her. A weak smile appears on her face. My heart literally stopped a second.

"Hi" how stupid was that?

"You wanted to talk?" I nod looking down at my feet.

"Wh.. Why do you follow me?" Locking my eyes with hers, I see guilt, regret, hurt and sorrow. What is it with her?

"It's hard to explain, but it's something I have too" she looks down.

"What are you?" I grab a needle that's stands on the night table, just to have something in my hands.  

"Can you keep a secret?" 

"Yes" I hold the needle in between my pointer and middle finger.

"I'm a vampire" she mumbles.

"YOU'RE WHAT?!" The needle run into my skin on my pointer "Argh fuck!" I pill the needle out of my finger, with blood following. My hand got taking away, and something warm and wet rapped around my finger. I see the same blue eyes shinning again, I can't help but moan at the contact. I feel myself growing, wanting more. Something stops her, she looks up at me.

"I'm so sorry, I shouldn't, I- I" She's gone. I just sit there staring out in my room, what just happened? 10 seconds after the door opens downstairs.

"Lou i'm home" Eleanor I just forgot about her. "Where are you?" she calls out.

"In my room" My voice sound more calm than I feel. Few seconds later my door opens, Eleanor comes in smiling at me. She looks down her smile turns into a smirk.

"Oh I really like my surprise" I realise she sees my rater large bugle. I smirk knowing what will happen next. Moving closer towards me, she takes of her shirt. We start kissing, I lick my tongue on her bottom lip, asking for permission, which she gladly gives me. 



I can't believe this just happened, god he taste so good! Now he knows, he wont ever like me, my life sucks, i'm a creepy stalker. I should just go home, and just die.. Okay no not die. I can't let Louis die too. he have a live, so many people would die with him. I can't let that happen. Right now i'm sitting in the ceiling listing to the moans coming from Louis's room. It's killing me, i'm nothing to him. Trying to fall asleep, I let the tears fall, letting myself drown in self hate.


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