My Vampire Mate

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  • Published: 12 Jun 2014
  • Updated: 6 Nov 2014
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Ella isn't a normal kid, her parents are vampires. She will turn into a full born vampire on her 18 years birthday, but this happens much sooner.
- What's the reason?
- What will happen with Ella?
- Can she control herself?
- Is this a love story, or a death story?
- Read it and you'll see! xp

*WARNING* The story contains sexual stuff + self harming and depressing! :3

It's my own story, no copying please! :D


3. Chapter 2


I'm sitting outside the arena in a tree that's in the woods. Ambulances are at the area, some people are panicking, others remain calm and are waiting to be picked up. Me yeah, i'm sitting here crying my eyes out. My mom and dad will be here soon. But I can't face them, not now, not ever, but I have to. I have to know the truth, how can I transform already!?! I'm only 16, it's some crazy shit!

The rescue team come out of the arena, with 6 stretchers who has 6 body bags on. Guilt rushing through me, my sobs become uncontrollable again. Trying to get my attention to something else, I think of Louis. If I can catch his scent, or feel him, I could know where he probably could be. Sniffling in, I get a lot of smells, some perfume, some sweat, some poop, but no Louis. I try sniffing again, but I catch a form of blood smell, my body tense, hurry I throw that smell away again. I have to remain calm. If not, those people will be dead by now. 

Where the hell can he be? There's some weird feelings of frustration, fear and curiousness, that's keep getting in me, but it's like it's not my feelings. Is it Louis'? It has to be. If I follow these feelings I could find him. I jump down from the tree, focusing on Louis' feelings, but my phone starts ringing. 

"Hello" I say without checking the caller id. 

"Ella where are you!? are you okay!?" My mom sounds pretty worried.

"Uhhm i'm okay, I think.."

"You THINK!? Ella tell me where you are!" She nearly screams.

"In the woods, come pick me up there" this is going to be interesting...

2 minutes later I sit in the car, my mom and dad staring at my like I was some kind of meal. "What?" I ask.

"Why are you all covered in blood?" dad asks, his eyes starting to glow a bit, SHIT! Forgot that...

"Yeah we have to talk.." 

I told them about how I changed, the people I killed and of course the most important Louis. 

"You have to stay with him" mom says after a good 5 minutes of awkward silence. 

"What!" Dad yells. "You can't mean she have to do that! He's human Laura! She's only 16" he whisper-yell the last part. 

"You know just as well as me, that she can't stay away Carl, or else she will.." Mom trails of, looking up at dad, who look back with sad, defeated eyes.

"I will what?!" I interrupt there conversation.

She looks at me, trying to give me a smile, but fail. "You'll..." Tears welling up in her eyes. "..Die" I'll die?!? How didn't I knew that?! "We didn't want you to know that, I didn't thought it would happen so fast!" She cries. I don't say a thing, scared of what would happen to me. I don't wanna leave my family. I love them! But I don't wanna die either. 

Dad stops the car, and turns to me. "You can only be away in special distant, it's different for each vampire. If you're strong enough, you can be hundreds of miles away, if not only couple."

"How do I know i'm to far away?" I don't wanna die, I don't wanna die.

"You'll feel empty, like the deepest depression you could ever imagine" 

"oh" Is all I say.

"That Louis boy, he's in that band right?" I nod. "he travel a lot?" I nod again. "Do you know when they are leaving?" 

"no" He turns to mom, and she nods.

"We have to hurry then" he turns to me again "you run fast right?" 

Nodding I response "Yes" 

"Faster than the car?"

I nod again "Yes" What is he up to?

"You know the way home?" 

"I think so.. I" He stops the car before I can say my next sentence.

"Okay good, Run home, pack some bags with all you need, and please remember the blood, then go to your mate. Call me when find a place to sleep." He kisses my cheek "Bye, take care of yourself"

I say goodbye to my mom, then start my trip to my home. 10 minutes went and I am home. It's crazy, I can run, yes, yes I can! I don't bother to say hello to the others, I run straight up to my room, and start packing. Half way through someone knock on my door.

"Hello? Ella is that you?" It's Susie.

"Yes" I continue packing. The door opens.

"Where's mom and dad?" I don't get to answer, before she starts another question. "What are you doing?! You have blood all over yourself!" 

"Yeah I need a bath, be right back" I run to the toilet, don't wanna talk to her about it, I turn on the hot water, undressing myself and stand in the cabin. Susie bang on the door, but I ignore it, looking at all the blood, that's running down the sewer. 


I stand now with my bag, saying goodbye to my family. "Remember, eat a lot of human food, your thirst will be more controlling" my mom says for the 10th time.

"Yes yes I will" the last hug is giving. Running up to the woods, I turn and wave a last time, disappearing in the woods. My destination; Louis.



"Are you coming Lou?" Harry asks, I didn't even see we was at the hotel already.

"Hmm, yes" I follow Harry out of the bus.

"You okay pal? You seem a little off" Of curse i'm off! I've just seen a freaking monster, trying to suck my fucking blood out! I want so badly to tell him, but I can't. He won't believe me. 

"Oh, i'm.. i'm just missing Eleanor, that's all" lie, yes she's my girlfriend, and yes I love her, but i'm not missing her that much, it's only been what 3 weeks?

We reach the hotel rooms, we have separated rooms, it's easier to fall asleep when it's just yourself. "Wanna talk about it?" Harry asks, I just shake my head. "Well goodnight then"

"Goodnight" I smile opening my door to my room. I take off my clothes, doesn't bother to take a bath,  lays myself in the bed. I can't sleep. Her voice keeps repeating in my mind "You are mine" What did she mean about that? I was her dinner? I don't wanna think about it like that, she made me feel so strange, her eyes is beautiful, but scary in a way. I have never tried to get that hard from just a look. It was crazy man, she's crazy! But there's something about her, I just can't forget about her. I don't wanna think about it anymore. Short after I fall alsleep.


I wake up to the sounds of traffic. Great way to wake up! Really.. Do you feel the sarcasm? But at least we have a day off, something I have looked forward to, sadly enough Eleanor is at a photo shoot 89 miles away from here, and we are playing again tomorrow, so no time for that. Just me and the boys, we're going shopping in the city of Manchester, it can only be great with those boys!

I smell, I really need a bath.



I roll over in the bed, feeling my throat getting all dry. Finding some blood bags, I call for room service, I order some scramble eggs with bacon, and some apple juice, my favorite breakfast!

At the time my breakfast comes, I sit at the window, listening to whatever Louis is doing. My hearing isn't that good just yet, but it will be with time, but it is way better than the normal human sense, I am just lucky my room is close enough to his, so I can hear him. Creepy? Yes but I can't stop it. He's on my mind all the time, it's weird you can love someone you don't know that much. It's like he's the reason I live, technically he is.

Weak knocks is coming from his room, and a door has been opened. "Are you ready yet?" an Irish accent asks, that's sure Niall.

"2 minutes, just going to brush my teeth" Louis answer his band mate. 

"Oh and we are eating at Nandos, whatever you like it or not" Niall declares teasing.

"But we got that yesterday, can't we just go to a pizza slice place?" I smile at that, he sounds so pleading, I didn't thought they were forced to get Nandos all the time.

"No" a door closes, "Well fine then" Louis mumbles, I can't help but laugh. Niall sure has a grip on the eating places. 

It seems like i'm going out today. I put 2 blood bags in my handbag, and heading out of the hotel, the boys didn't check out, so neither do I.


I sit now on my bed in the hotel, tired of all the hiding from Louis. He was so close to see me, I don't know, but it looked like he knew I was there. He was looking over his shoulder every other minute. He didn't see me of course, I hope so. Louis is asleep now, I should probably sleep too. Just one more blood bag.




Today's concert day! We're performing in Manchester at the stadium, we're on in half an hour. Yesterday was pretty creepy, I had this feeling that, that freaking monster thing was watching me. But of course it's just my imagination. I'm so stupid, she doesn't even exist, but she felt real, no she is not real. "10 minutes guys" the scene manager says, taking me out of the little discussion in my head. I got to hold myself together, for the fans. I take my microphone, the screams are overwhelming, probably the loudest so far. "Get in place" the music starts. "3....2...1..GO!" We run out on the stage, starting up with "Up All Night" 

The concert is going great, the audience is so loud! We are on the flying platform, you can see everybody  from up here, it's amazing! I spot something weird moving fast. What the hell is that, it stops, oh no nononono! It's her! She just smile at me, her eyes looks normal, not like the last time I saw her. She's gone now, wow I only saw her in like 2 seconds.. And i'm shaking, my heart beats so fast, I don't wanna admit it, but I have butterflies going wild inside of me. It really scares me. 

The boys must have seen the look on my face, they seem concerned, I just shrug, letting them know i'm fine. 


"Hey what happened Louis?" Liam asks, we're finish with the show, and we're now on the way to a new hotel 20 miles away. 

"Yeah, you were hyper and stuff, then 2 seconds after you were all weird" Zayn sits down next to me, patting my shoulder. 

"It's just Eleanor, you know I saw someone looking like her" lie, i'm got really good at it. 

"Hey, you'll soon see her again mate" Harry assure me, his smile showing his dimples.

"Yeah, I know" we have 2 week off after the next concert.


I knew she would follow us to the hotel, I can feel her presence. Right now i'm sitting on bed in the hotel. The room has 4 white walls, a big window that's now open cause it was really warm in here, a king size bed, toilet with jacuzzi and of course a toilet. I wanna confront that girl, that no one messes with me. But i'm a chicken, she could kill me, but I don't think she will. If she would, I would be dead now. I hear something potter around outside the window, immediately I freeze. "Hello" no answer. "Is there someone out there?" Some more sounds. I stand up. "Show me yourself" My voice sounds surprising confident. I soon regret my words, when she is standing only inches away from me, adrenaline rush through me, I wanna run, but I can't. "What are you?" It's only a whisper but I know she heard me. knock knock, and she's gone.


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