My Vampire Mate

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  • Published: 12 Jun 2014
  • Updated: 6 Nov 2014
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Ella isn't a normal kid, her parents are vampires. She will turn into a full born vampire on her 18 years birthday, but this happens much sooner.
- What's the reason?
- What will happen with Ella?
- Can she control herself?
- Is this a love story, or a death story?
- Read it and you'll see! xp

*WARNING* The story contains sexual stuff + self harming and depressing! :3

It's my own story, no copying please! :D


2. Chapter 1

Today's the day! TMH tour here I come! I am sitting in the car, wearing the outfit specially made by the Susie! So I just have to wait 10 more (slow like hell) minutes, till I will be at the O2 arena! My dad parked up in the parking lot where there already was hundreds of cars and people. "Have a great time Ella, see you tonight" My dad says while I open the car door, totally forgotten he still was here.

"Oh yeah see you, love you" I close the car door, and stand now in front of the big arena. I am going to see Nialler! I run up to all of the other girls, who are waiting for the doors to open, the concert start at 6PM, so the doors will open in 20 minutes. My hands get pretty sweaty of nerves and excitement, the butterflies in my stomach goes crazier and crazier by each second. I check my ticket for the hundredth time, I am seated pretty far away from the scene, but it don't bother me, I am going and that's amazing! Some girls from the front of the line start screaming, THE DOORS OPENS! I can't help but scream too, let me, I have waited for this moment for like 2 years! The time to get to the door, is like a life time, but I finally reach the door, a woman take my ticket, and bib it, and I am in! There's a lot more space inside the arena than outside. My stomach growls, I need food. There are little places you can buy food and drinks by. I brought water and a hot dog. Eating my hot dog, I walk around the place to find my seat, I look at my ticket for the 1000th time; U3, U3, U3 where are you? 

-10 minutes later-

I am now in my seat waiting, eating, drinking and fangirling. People are trying to find their seats, I don't know any of them, kind of sad, well again the price you have to pay for being a vampire; You can't be related to another human. 

- 40 minutes later-

Oh god it starts now!! 5SOS has been on, now freaking fucking ONE DIRECTION!  The music starts to Up All Night, screaming and crying I jump trying to see at least one of them. I spot a mop of curls, Harry! OMG he's so damn hot! I scream louder, there's Liam, my heart rate speeds up, oh oh and there's Zayn. Tears stream down my face, I am sobbing and laughing at the same time! Where's Nialler!?!? I look up and there he stands on a balcony, singing in his mic. But I didn't feel anything. Disappointment rush trough me, he's not what I thought he was; my mate. My mood lightened fast up again, I can't be sad now! They are standing right in front of me! Or almost.. No not at all but I can see them! My gaze wander from Niall, to Harry he's singing to one of the others, I look over; Louis. Something inside of me burns, I feel so much love that it hurts. What the hell!?! I start shaking, it feels like someone just set fire in me, I let out a scream of hurt. The music got a hell lot louder than it was before, I have to get away from here! I run out of the arena to the hallways, I collapse on the floor screaming. My teeth hurts like hell, oh god they are getting bigger! I can't turn now?! I'm only 16. It's not normal! I let out another scream, some of the security guards tries to help me. Then I smell them, I hear their blood run in their veins, my throat drys out. No, no! "Run!" I yell, I can't kill them! "Get away from here NOW!" My 'now' sounded like an animal, it was so power full, that the guards took a few steps away from me. I look up at them, they seem so afraid, and what is that I see in their eyes? Lust? I smirked at that, WHAT! No way I'm loosing control now! I can't! I want to run, but I can't, The smell of human flesh is to power full. I can't do this. OH YES YOU CAN! 


No one:

Ella runs, but not the way she wanted, she run up to the nearest person, who's a male, Asian, short dark hair, small, easy. She shoves her fangs deep inside of his throat. The man moans in pleasure, soon after he falls to the ground  drained of blood. "Who's next" Ella speaks loving the way the blood fills her body with warmth. The guards do not run away from Ella, they want her, they love the way her eyes shine, they can't get enough of it. Ella take a look of the 4 older, lustfull men in front of her. There's one who dressing her of with his eyes. Ella finds it naughty, he needs punishment. Using her lightning speed, she finally has gotten, she take him by his collar, and bites down into his neck, making him moan, short after he lays on the ground with the Asian. "That's what you get for being naughty" she states, loving the way she has control over the stupid man. She wouldn't start with another speaking, but went straight to the meals in front of her. 

She has the last of the men drained out on the floor, when she hear a terrified scream, from the hallway. The scream amuses her, grinning she follows the girl who runs for her life. She's not fast enough, Ella get her, she don't want the girl to see her, she want her to suffer. A smirk of evil is plastered on Ellas' face when she shoves her fangs deep inside of the girls back. The screams that came out of the girls mouth satisfy Ella. The girl tries to get Ella of, but she can't; Ellas' vampire strength was against this. The girls screams stops, Ella stands happy with the result, smiling she walked away from her master piece. The girl is covered in blood, the same for Ella.

The sound of music catches Ellas' ear. Something in the unison of voices sets fire to her body. She follows the stream of music, ending up the place she left 30 minutes and 6 dead bodies ago. People are screaming, they didn't noticed Ella walk by them, the only thing they look after is the place Ella is going; To the scene with the boys. Her eyes is glued on one person, the person who's the reason for her disappearing, the person who is the reason of her transforming, the person who is the reason for the 6 dead bodies in the hallway, the person who's her mate; Louis

Security has seen her, one are walking towards her, another get a call from one of the guards who are on the hallways, saying murders have been happening 6 people killed. Ella doesn't see the guard, but that's not important, she's gone with lightning speed towards the scene, towards Louis. She stops when she's 10 meters away, a second later 4 of the boys, included Louis, jump down to the audience, Ella doesn't think twice, she runs to him, pushing girls away, they fall, she doesn't care. In the speed she ended behind Louis, breathing on his neck. Louis fells the breath and shudder. Ella want to bite him so badly, she can hear his heartbeat, she can feel his blood running through his veins. She gets closer to the boys neck, at first she kisses it. Louis' breath hitches in his throat. Ellas' lips was only on Louis neck for a second, leaving trails of blood, when she hear the sound of terrified screams. Then Ella's gone. She ran out of there, not wanting to get more attention. It could get her family killed; No human could know vampires excited. Security stops the concert, they take the boys of the scene, in separated rooms, locking the doors, so no one could get to them. Murders was in the building, but what they didn't know was, that the murder was in the air duct, searching for her mate; Louis.



I run through the air duct, there's a bit dirty, but I don't care. I have to find Louis. I can smell his scent, it smells like sweet man perfume, and then his own scent, it can't be described, it's so alluring. Turning to the right, I feel his presence, he's moving. Slowly I follow him, listening to his and a anothers' conversation:

"What's happening?" It's Louis, he sounds terrified, all because of me. 

"6 people are dead, we have to stop the concert, now get in the room, I will pick you up when we know it's safe." A  door opens.

"But where the others?" His voice is full of concern, cute. 

"In other rooms, I'll lock the door, you'll be safe" the door shut, and a sound of a key locking the door  is heard. I hear footsteps walking away down the hallway. Louis is all alone now. Smirking to myself I turn to the left, just where the room is. There is light coming up from the duct, I follow it, there's a hole to the air condition. Louis is sitting on a chair, tipping impatient with his foot. The room is plain white, few furniture; a chair and a table, no windows and 2 doors, one is the exit, the other probably the toilet.

Louis' neck is covered in a tiny red trail of blood, just where I kissed him a few moments ago. I get a sudden urge to set my fangs in his throat, just drain him from blood. I tear my eyes from his neck, to his face searching for some emotions. His face is white like the walls. He looks scared, concerned and I see guilt. Guilt?! It wasn't him, who killed the people! It was me. It wasn't his fault, again it was mine. I had to make that clear to him, but how?

Silently I open the duct, and jump down behind him. He hasn't heard a thing. Thank you vampire powers! A weird sound cachet my ear, sobs? My heart breaks at the sound. His shoulders shivers, and another sob escape his mouth. I get another urge, but this one is different. I want to comfort him, say that everything will be fine, that it's not his fault. I reach out to him, but stops immediately when I see the blood on my arms, I look down, blood everywhere. Then it hit me like a hammer, I killed 6 innocent people who just tried to help! I feel the tears starting to form in my eyes, choking on a sob, Louis flinches. Slowly he turn around to see me, but I run to the toilet locking the door, before he gets a look at me; He can't see me like this, he'll never love a killer like me. GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE! 

I look myself in the mirror, I don't look like myself anymore, in front of me isn't that girl I've known all my life, this is a murder, a monster. My blue eyes are slightly shining, my teeth sharper than normal, my skin looks more healthier, but still duller, my hair is a bloody mess, it used to be black, but now with tracks of red blood. Crying I wash the blood of my face and arms. I start to wash my shirt, but something stops me.

"Hello?" I hear a small, weak, afraid voice ask. Louis. My throat start to feel dry again. NO! NO NOT NOW! I look myself in the mirror locking myself to my eyes, trying to fight back, but they shine like crazy, a animalistic growl from my throat release my mouth. Stumbles from behind the door, make the vampire in me come truly out.



What the fuck is going on man!?!? 6 people killed, under our performance! I feel really bad that we had to stop the concert. The fans must be disappointed at us. But we did it to protect them. Yes I am scared as hell man! I'm not ready to die! Suddenly I hear a sob, but I realise it comes from myself, I let the tears fall. A whimper that's definitely not from me, comes right behind me, I freeze. FUCK!  turning slowly afraid of what the sound came from I see, that there is nothing, the door to the toilet shuts and locks. My heart speeds up, adrenaline rush through me. Cold sweat starts runs down my spine and forehead. I just sit in my chair staring at the white door in front of me.

"Hello" I try, hopping that it's just my imagination playing around. Nothing happens, I let out a sigh of relief. But sadly too soon, a growl sounded like it came from a lion, came from the other side of the door. I don't think twice, I run up from my place with so much force that the chair fall to the ground, with a loud bump. I run to the door, slamming on it like it was a punching bag. "HELP!" I yell.

I get stopped by the toilet door flying open, relieving a short girl, she has a smirk upon her face, her eyes shinning the most beautiful color of blue i've ever seen. My heart flutters, body burns of desire, I feel myself growing. WHAT!?

"Wh-what are y-you?"  She walks closer to me, still holding her smirk. I tray right back in the door, I can't get further away. But the question is: Do I want to get away? 

"I can tell you one thing" her voice doesn't sound human, she gets closer, "but it's about you." Me?!

"Wh-what?" She's only 3 feet away now, I feel myself growing bigger by each step she takes. I blink, and she stands right in front of me no space between us, I moan in pleasure, how the hell does she has this effect on me? I can feel her breath on my ear, another moan escape my mouth.

"You" she licks up my ear, I can't help it but buck my hips, so my bulge hit her stomach, her hands take a hard grip on my hips, and pushes them in the door behind me, "easy there" more moans come out of me. "You my friend, are mine" she finish what she started to say, her mouth finds my neck, where she starts sucking. Her teeth scratching my skin.

"No, no no!" I can't do this, I have a freaking girlfriend! I try to push her off of me, to soon realise that's impossible.

"Let's talk about that later, you have guests" and with that she was gone, leaving me confused with a boner. A key is set in the door. FUCK! I run to the toilet, closing the door. Who ever it is shouldn't see this.

"Louis you in there?" Paul knocks on the toilet door. 

"Yes, i'm finish in a bit" there's blood on the sink and on a towel. What have happened in here?

"Hurry up, where leaving now" god! I pull my needing member out of my pants, to get my little problem solved.

10 minutes later I sit in a car driving to a hotel miles away from the arena, thinking of what the hell happened just minutes ago.

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